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Is there anything I can do to help save sea turtles, besides give money?

I don't live near the ocean, either. I think sea turtles are very cool, and I saw a documentary about how they're important to the whole ocean eco-system, but I don't know what I can do about the fact that they're so endangered.

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    » CLEANUP! - Keep plastics out of lakes, rivers, and oceans. Join in Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup on September 15, 2007:

    » SHOP SMART! - Turtles think plastic bags look yummy but then eat them and die...switch to reusable cloth bags. I did this and many stores (like ShopRite) offer a discount when you BYOB ;-) You may buy them in your local shopping market like I did or here are a couple of places to order cloth bags online: (for individual orders); (for bulk and customizable orders). Support bans on plastic bags in your community – *see how San Francisco did it! (*visit source page below).

    » EAT SMART! - Eat seafoods that don’t hurt sea turtles and other marine animals. Print out a copy of the Monterey Bay Aquarium pocket guide and tuck it in your purse or wallet for reference:

    » SHARE THE INFO! - Join other people like you who care about sea turtles and are getting involved in campaigns to change policies to protect sea turtles and their pals. Check out these Web sites for more information:

    » State of the World’s Sea Turtles -

    » -

    » -

    » Caribbean Conservation Corporation -

    Source(s): ****For more information from my source, please visit:
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    Yes, there is. It is not only money that is important but also increasing public awareness of the severity of the problem. You could start a yahoo group on saving sea turtles, or if there already is one you could join it. You could start a club on it at a college or other school. The more people that know about the problem the more votes an environmentally minded mayor or governor, senator, or President will get from members of your group. You could start your own magazine and circulate them just about anywhere.

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    You can make sure you don't eat sea turtles, and discourage local markets from carrying sea turtle meat. Admittedly, not many markets do, but there are some (particularly Asian markets) which do sometimes carry sea turtle meat.

    Unfortunately, a lot of the plights facing the sea turtles are very localized, related to development and encroachment on the beaches they use for reproduction, as well as local exploitation of the eggs and the turtles. So there's not a huge amount that we can do from afar.

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    Hi. The Leatherback Trust has information on what to do to help save sea turtles:

    Just click the icon on the upper right on this page:

    they have info on things to do that don't involve donations to conservation and environmental science groups.

    You could also check out some of the links on blog for the science show I produce. It's called Let X = X, and you can reach the blog at:

    You could also try having some sort of fundraiser at your school to raise money from other people to give to groups like the Leatherback Trust.

    Here are a few links that might help with that.

    fundraising for grassroots groups e-book

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    Markets dont carry sea turtle meet in the US by law. You can give money, donate time, help sell a product of the organizations, have a fundraiser for them, or just help inform people of the dangers of chemicals,trash, sewage etc on the sea turtles and their habitat.

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    You can help the environment and the turtles by:

    - recicling

    - saving water

    - avoiding turtle products as creams, food or turtle shell

    - eating sea turtle and dolphin save food (especially shrimp)

    - teaching about turtles to your family and friends

    - joing a volunteer team in a project that help turtles

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    No not relley but you can start a group and make sines that say SAVE THE SEA TURTLES!I do not think this will help but bye!

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    Learn as much as you can about them and educate others.

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    yes look it

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