Why Is Islam Stuck In The Dark Ages...?

It seems that most predominantly Muslim nations are counter to Islam and I am curious to why this is and what impact is this having on Muslims?

All I can figure as into the how is the that a lot of predominantly Muslim nations came into existence during the Cold War. I look at some of these countries and it seems as if Islam is facing similar problems Christianity has suffered in the past with the Crusades, Inquistitions and Witch Hunts. This is not an attack on Islam, I respect Muslims. It just seems that a lot of predominantly Muslim nations are defiling Islam, including those outside the Middle East like Indonesia and Somalia.


When I say Islam is "Stuck in the Dark Ages" I'm saying this in a figure of speech. I do understand where Islam stood during what would be called the Dark Ages.

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    "Stuck" implies that it hasn't moved from where it started. It was once a major contributor to world civilization. The empire of the Ottoman Turks rivaled the size of the Roman empire and was a beacon of intellectual light as the western world slogged through the REAL "Dark Ages". The Saracens who opposed the European Crusaders were every bit as culturally advanced - if not more-so - as their western adversaries. The domain of Sulieman (probably not spelled correctly) was as rich and opulent as any culture that has ever walked the earth.

    They have NOT remained "stuck". Rather they have risen and fallen again.

    Much of what we see as third-world devastation today was once civilized and advanced far beyond the cultures that surrounded it.

    The culprit, plain and simply, is CONFLICT. Anger, desire for revenge, greed for power over others, bloodlust, etc.

    An opulent empire can survive ONLY as long as its rulers adhere to the values that made it that way.

    When the mighty ruler who drew together and HELD together an empire dies and his heirs start tearing it apart in their fight to control it, it collapses! This same fate has befallen many once-great civilizations, and the glory that once was Islam is no exception to this rule.

    If the fighting factions in the Middle East today were to halt their hostilities and put the same amount of effort, zeal and resources into building and maintaining a positive and productive society that they now put into killing and destroying, they would be an incredibly prosperous and thriving culture.

    There is NO religion or philosophy - no matter HOW benevolent in its teachings - that cannot be perverted for dark purposes. (Look at how Christianity - the religion that preaches things like "faith, hope and charity", "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you", etc) was warped and twisted into the horror that was the Spanish Inquisition!) Clearly, what we are seeing today is another relion/philosophy undergoing similar dark changes right there on the 6:00 news every night.

    It is my own personal theory that ever religion consists of three parts:

    1. Its "THEOLOGY" - whatever deity(ies) or model of higher existance it is promoting.

    2. Its "METHODOLOGY" - its written teachings, laws, rules and tenets - usually as set down by its original founder(s).

    3. Its "IDEOLOGY" - which is those ideas and attitudes that have evolved within the ranks of its followers which are NOT explicit in its written teachings, or perhaps better defined as its followers' INTERPRETATIONS of those first two points.

    It is almost NEVER either of the first two points that get a religious group into trouble and alienate those outside its circles. It is almost ALWAYS that third point. THAT is the birthplace of any dissention that might arise within its own ranks, conflict with other groups and negative stereotypical imaging attached to the group.

    This happens in ALL religions and/or philosophies, but to greater degrees in some and lesser degrees in others.

    THIS is what we are seeing now within the Islamic religion - what you define in your question as "defiling Islam".

    IN a "Dark Age"? No doubt about it! But they have not been there long enough to qualify as "stuck" in it - YET! Like Christianity pulled out of its "Dark Age" and into its "Renaissance", we can only hope that Islam will be able to do the same at some point in the future - and further hope it doesn't take them as long as it took the Christians!

    Source(s): life, observation, experience and common-sense
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    Muslim countries have no impact on my life, because I live in America. However, I disagree with the Sharia Laws, because most of the laws are not derived from the Quran. For example, the honor killings are not found in the Quran and doesn't belong in Islam. Also, we can't sit here and say that terrorism began with Muslims. Look at the actions in Northern Ireland. Classic terrorism. To solve the problem then we need to take another look at Islam. Make the rulers of Islamic countries see for themselves that what they are doing is wrong and not Islamic. Then we can't place the blame on just one side. The U.S. has many problems such as being a terrorist government. The only reason why we are allowed to get away with our acts is because we are a superpower. However, as shown in history one day we too will fall just like the others. All countries have failed in some aspect. In fact, Noam Chomsky has identified us as a failed state. Perhaps we are. So many factors are here. Religious, economic and politics are all twisted together. It's cruel world that we live in. Even if we get rid of problems in Islam then another will simply take it's place.

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    Islam only dates back to the 7th century A.D. It's relatively young. It was right about during this time that the Christian Reformation kicked off. Islam is about due for a Reformation. People like Reza Aslan think it's what we might be in the midst of right now or soon.

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    Ultimately, religion (as opposed to spirituality) is about power, just like politics. This isn't only true of Islam but all religions. Those "religious" leaders who are in power build their own kingdoms of followers with their false teachings and lead everyone astray. You can see that in the fact that there are so many denominations of "Christians" -- how many of those denominations were created by Jesus? None of them. The same is true for Islam. Yes, there was this guy named Muhammed. But what exists of Islam as a religion in the way it is practiced today isn't about Muhammed, it is about the power of the religious leaders.

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  • I am not sure why you relate middle east with Indonesia.

    Indonesia is part of southeast asia, nearby Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. In fact, Indonesia can be reached by ferry in 45 minutes from Singapore.

    Indonesian muslim are generally peaceful community. Just due to poverty, some of us are easily being provocated by outsiders.

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    It's like every major organized religion on the planet..it's not the religion itself but the people who practice it and the way that some interpret the meaning differently from others.

    There's fanatics of every faith and those fanatics are the reason the rightious practitioners of any religion have to fight and sometimes die in wars or at the hands of people who disagree with the way they believe the words should be lived by.

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    Why Is Islam Stuck In The Dark Ages...? WHY NOT?

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    They like living with doom.

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