How to use the Remote desktop connection? step by stp plz?

I want to know how to like set-up the connection,i already did Enable the remote desktop connection in My Computer, now i want to get into my aunt's comp,what is required for her?and what is required for me?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    For accessing a computer through Remote Desktop Connection, you should first enable Remote Desktop Connections on that computer(your aunt's computer). You can do this by

    1. Right click My Computer icon and go into its properties.

    2. Go to the Remote tab

    3. Check the option "Allow users to connect remotely to this computer" under Remote Desktop.

    if your computer and your aunt's computer are on different networks then security firewalls might cause problems.

    And you should also know the login user name and password of your aunt's computer.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The computer you want to remote into has to be xp pro or media edition, xphome does not have allow anyone to remote in. On the computer you want to remote into right click on my computer and go to properties then go to the remote tab and check allow users to connect remotely. Now if you have a router on this computer your going to have to go into it's configuration and forward a port, remote desktop uses port 3389 so you need to find in the router setup a section for forwarding ports and every router I have seen usually ask for destination ip, port, and if it's tcp or udp. The destination ip is the ip of the computer, go to start - run and type cmd then in dos box type ipconfig /all and look for ip address, that will be the ip you want to enter into router as destination ip and then enter 3389 in for the port you want to forward and tcp. that should take care of router setup, now go to start - settings - control panel and open windows firewall and click on the exceptions tab and look for remote desktop in the list and make sure that it has a check mark next to it. Now you need to find the ipaddress your isp has asigned you by going to and it will tell you what your ip is, this is the address that you will type into the other computer to connect to the host you just setup. Now when you get back to your house you will go start - windows - accessories - communications - remote desktop, now you want to type the ip address that you found at the end of the other instructions I gave you and connect and what happens is your computer finds that ip and then hits the router you setup and hits port 3389 , then your router sees the port is forwarded to the ip address of a computer on the internal network so it sends it there and thats when it will ask you for username and password to get on the computer and of course it is the username and password that your aunt uses. If there computer just boots straight into windows them I'm pretty sure you have to set it up so that you have to log into a user at login screen or remote desktop will not work.

    Hope this helps

    all setup is on your aunts system and none on yours, now if you want to be able to remote into yours also then perform all those steps on yours also

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  • 1 decade ago

    kinda tricky! if you 2 is got a router then won't work! if not, your pc is got to be windows xp home or windows xp pro, hers is got to be a xp pro system! pro can't connect to home, and the firewalls is got to be disabled! all you do is open remote desktop connection and type in the ip adress and press connect! questions? i got messenger or you can email!

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