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Paul Mitchell Hair Products?

Anyone had good/bad experience with his products? ...especially the superstrong range...do you think his range is good for the hair than other brands? Thanks

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    I Love paul Mitchell products as well. Super Skinny is my thing and the Instant Moisture. My cousin-in-law works for Paul Mitchell and he said that the super strong really works - my mom uses it too and loves it- buuuuutttt!!! You can't use it everyday because it works that well. He said use the Super strong maybe once or twice a week! No more becuase it will get your hair thick and coarse and feeling strawy. You stylist or the person you bought it from should have told you that. Also if you have questions about any products you should ask the salon about it and see what they advise for your hair and what products would be good for you hair.

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    Ohhhh i love love love their volumiser! Sooo expensive, but has won soo many competitions!

    I lovelovelove Paul Mitchell, it's a good quality range, I recommend it to you.

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