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Is boston near to Waltham???

We are relocating to Boston couple of months.And we are planing to take up apartment in boston,but my husband's work place is in waltham,will it be fine to travel to waltham everyday or shud we take apartment nearer to waltham.We are looking for apartment in around $1000 ONLY.

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    Boston is near Waltham (20 mins by car). Waltham is along the 128/95 belt and is pretty accessible from any location along the North Shore/Metrowest area. That being said, finding a spacious apartment for $1000/month in Boston might be tough and if you have a car, that could be an issue also.

    My advice would be to look at something in the Waltham Lexington Arlington Auburndale Watertown area. It's a little further out than living in the city, but you'll get more space for your buck and parking won't be an issue whatsoever. Plus you'll have many options for getting into the city for recreation (drive in or take the subway/bus). You can check out Craigslist to give you an idea of prices:


    If you do decide to get something in Waltham, it can be a mix of neighborhoods. There are some really nice section and some not so nice sections, but I can't really think of any areas that are "scary".

    Good luck and welcome!

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    If you want anything bigger than a small 1 bedroom appt your $1000 budget will be tough to meet, whether it be Boston or Waltham.

    One consideration you might have: is your husband's work place convenient to the Waltham or Waltham/Brandeis train stations (20 mins from Boston-North Station; just a dozen minutes from Cambridge-Porter Station) or a bus line, or is it where a car will be necessary? If you can avoid having a car in Boston (using Zipcar or a similar membership service, or renting, when a car is necessary) it will save you oodles of $.

    Nearby to Waltham, in addition to the communities mentioned by Pitchowl with respectable numbers of rental housing, there is also Watertown and Newton. And living in Waltham is not without its plusses; that includes a most vibrant restaurant row, including a brewpub, and theaters in its old downtown.

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    If he's going to work in Waltham I'd go closer and stay out of Boston , or take the T....morning city traffic is horrible, and throughout the day its worse. you also will not find any apartment there in Boston for $1000. don't wait till the last minute to look and depending on how many bedrooms your looking for you need to look now, Waltham would be your better choice for an apartment and the crime rate is less there as well.you can find classifieds for apartments online...just put waltham apartments in your serch and fill in the amenities ect you want it does the work for free and you'll have a better knowledge of what your getting into.Good Luck in your move.

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    Of the three cities you reported, Newton should be my first determination. that is were given a better "suburban" type of expertise to it than the different 2 -quiet, low crime fee, sturdy municipal amenities. you need to also evaluate Cambridge. so a strategies as nightlife is going, i did not bypass out that frequently at the same time as i became residing in Boston, and when I did, I famous "Cheers" kind places to nightclubs, yet there are quite some golf equipment, and numerous different cultural stuff like museums. And Fenway Park!

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