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SWOT analysis on 'IBM'?

Can anyone help me find some of the SWOT (Strenghths, Weaknesses, Oppurtunities, Threats)points for IBM?


Can anyone help me find S.W.O.T (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunies, Threats) analysis for 'IBM' (the computer company)

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    - Solid systems management expertise that can handle large infrastructure projects. An array of products & services that provide end-to-end solutions.


    - Able to expand its portfolio of management applications through acquisitions, and is in a unique position to complement other IBM software in a portfolio that covers the complete IT life cycle and all IT activities.


    - While IBM has no problem with being considered a strategic partner, the drawbacks of being part of a very large corporation still show in the time it takes to bring innovation to market.


    - IBM has shown a significant weakness in the service desk area: The importance of the service desk as a communication platform for processes is more and more obvious and IBM does not have a good solution. The challenge will be to accommodate what clients have bought and to coexist with technologies from IBM's competitors.

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    Ibm Swot

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