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what's the coldest and least cold city in Canada?

If you're to live in Canada and you enjoy the cold what city would you live in?

If you want to live in Canada but accustomed to tropical climate, whats the least cold city where you could live?

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    Victoria is the warmest

    as for the coldest, you will start a national debate on that one. Wind chill or not windchill.

    How cold do you want it.

    Go the sites below

    the second one you can check weather records 10 years back for anywhere in the world

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    Well nothing is cold in the summer, not here anyway. I would say Ottawa, it's the 2nd coldest capitol in the world. Second to Moscow I think. It's not unheard of to go to -50. That will give you a frostbite warning of some 20 seconds and potential to kill you in under an hour. Homeless people die often in the winter. It's really common. So choose your city well. I would say a winter in Ottawa would be wonderful. I have spent many. They have a tonne of things to do. The largest outdoor skating rink in the world, actually is miles long, on a canal. Winterlude Festival, international ice sculpture contest, maybe 4-5 hours drive to Quebec City. Which has one of the most amazing winter festivals in the world. Huge scale sculpture, like multi level buildings made of ice. It's amazing.

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    For the coldest city I would say Winnipeg. It's the coldest city in Canada if you don't count the territories. Just ask anybody who lives there!

    For the warmest city I would say Victoria. It's like a tropical paradise only it rains a lot.

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    Yukon Territory is the coldest place, I think. I think it would be fun to live in weather that is 75 degrees below zero. If you spit, it freezes before it hits the ground, that's how cold it is! Cool, huh! lol


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    Grise Fjord in Nunavut, as Canada's most northern community, is probably our coldest village. Likely, Victoria is the warmest.

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    Coldest - Yukon, NWT or Nunvat

    Warmest - Osooyos or Lytton BC

  • Lydia
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    Coldest would be somewhere extremely north, like Iqualuit in Nunavut. Warmest place would be somewhere like Kelowna, British Columbia - well, anywhere there in the Okanagan Valley.

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    i have been all over canada and the coldest its ever been in the last 35 years was -62f as for it getting -75 if you spit on the ground you would be dead because your lungs would freeze. even at 62 below we had to stay inside for that very reason

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    coldest- Yellowknife

    least- Victoria

    i live in the gulf island and it is alot warmer here that the rest of Canada

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    coldest anywhere in eastern canada, warmest victoria or vancouver

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