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Some say that the best and more recognizable local MBA are from HKUST, HKU and CU. The rest offered by other local univerisities are not that good in many respects. Are the former 3 really a lot better than the others? (for discussion purpose thanks)

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    Indeed. HKUST, CU and HKU have been ranked in international ranking consistently, although their rankings are somewhat low compare to the top ones. HKUST has came up a lot and competes with the rest of Asia favorably, especially in the area of accounting and finance.

    I would say that the three mentioned above are better recognized in both the HK employment market, in terms of their alumni network (CU and HKU). The rest are good programs but then because of the names of the schools they are not as recognized and will likely not be able to leverage on the network.

    Hope it helps.

    Source(s): My own research on MBA programs
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