Why does the world hate Israel?

Isn't it because the ruler of the world Satan hates Israel because God's promise of preservation in the book of Jeremiah? The God of Israel is awesome. Hope to see you all in the new Jerusalem!

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    Interesting question. I think the answer is multi-faceted. From an international politics point of view, devoid of any ethical considerations, arab countries have oil and Israel does not. Oil is important for western countries, so some concessions in their international policy are made to appease the oil providers. Kinda like heroin. On top of that, many people always like the underdog and see the stronger party as oppressers. We as humans apparently see a nobility in struggle against a stronger foe. The movie 300 was successful for just that reason; 300 vs a mighty horde, of course we're rooting for the little guys. Further, I think Europe in general has never gotten over its anti-semitism. Even England- probably the least European country- has politicians who randomly decide to libel the Jews, and the courts don't really care. I think many people have transfered their hate for Jews to hate for Israel, which is socially accepted (I am not saying all critics of Israel are anti-semites, but some of them definitely are). I think Europeans also attempt to alleviate their collective guilt for the holocaust (I hope they feel guilt) by portraying the Jews as Nazis. Then they can say "sure we did that, but look they're doing it too when they get the chance". That's Europe. The arab world of course feels nothing but dislike for Israel, but I think from more than just blind hate. All the countries side with the Palestinians (though it is interesting to note that none of them do anything to help them, just side with them) of course, for ideological reasons. Palestinians= arab/muslims, Israel=Jews. I think also many of these countries feels resentful at what Israel has accomplished; despite not having oil, being tiny and constantly fighting to defend itself, Israel has managed to build a thriving vibrant economy, institute (real) democracy and human rights and in general give a good life to its citizens. The life rate is above 80 years, literacy approaching 99% - it's a good place to live. While at the same time, those arab countries who are wealthy off of oil sales and have been around much longer and haven't had to fight a battle in who knows how many years can claim none of those things. Plus there's the collective anger at their impotence with regards wiping Israel off the map.

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    In 2001, then-labor and social affairs minister Shlomo Benizri said: "I just don't understand why a restaurant needs a slant-eye to serve me my meal",[14] a comment which was called “racist” in the Israeli press.

    According to a 2013 Pew Research Centre Poll, 38% of Israelis view China as having a positive influence.[56] In relation to the previous poll, 33% of Chinese have a negative view of Israel while 32% of Chinese view Israel positively.[57]

    A 2014 BBC poll showed that 49% of Chinese people have a negative view of Israel while only 13% of Chinese have a positive view of Israel. Within the same poll, 27% of Israelis have a positive view of China while 34% of Israelis have a negative view of it.[58]

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      That's interesting considering the end times prophecy that an army of 100 million will advance against Israel from the east. Only China has army reserves that high.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Israel want to survive by sucking the blood of the Palestinians, just like you suck the blood out if any economy you get your hands on, it's a simple equation......

    Israel owns 92% of Palestinian land

    Palestine own 8% of there own land

    Wake up and smell the coffee you thieving Jews!!

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      I don't understand the concept of Israel owns Palestinian land.. palestine no longer exist. does america own 100% of british land is north america? no. when you win something in a war and the war ends it now belongs to the victor. Many Palestinians live in Israel, and hold jobs.

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  • Leslie
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    4 years ago

    Where is this guy getting his info. from? I am confused.....it is obvious the book of the jews will support their own view/religion...the book of the christians will support their own view/religion and so on. For god sakes how many freakin versions are there of these books? Just because you site where in the book you got your info from...it doesn't mean that is what the lord said. Get real....maybe you should check out the one book that hasn't been changed since it's first coming...

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The world dose not hate Jewish people. But they hate the Israeli actions and policies. Israeli fanatics want to keep occupying land that was never part of Israel and there is no single nation in the world is willing to recognize that the occupied land is part of Israel.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    hmmmmm.......if only it was as simple as that ! I think the world doesn't hate Israel , just the excesses of behaviour it directs to those under it's authority .

    In the final analysis , it won't be people who have the final say , but our God ....who is not only the God of Israel , but of Christians as well !

    Paul , an educated Jew , said in Romans 3:29 " Is God the God of Jews only? Is he not the God of Gentiles too ? Yes , of Gentiles too. "

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    In case someone need a proof go to the web link that shows little of it.

    The world doesn't hate Israel but the world feels it's the source of problems, destruction, hate, crimes against humanity. Very simple Israel doesn't follow any rules agreed by the human world in wars or in peace. They change the truth and history in order to live with the lies they invented. When anyone inside Israel work for peace or start to speak reasonably and fairly they shut his mouth and threaten him or her.

    If Israel prefer peace they have the Arab peace initiative which is fair enough, but they still believe peace is not worth. At the same time Israel is setting new rules to the conflict, that will be used later against Israelis themselves.

    I'm sure any arrogant person will not understand my last sentence.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I wonder myself but maybe you are reading a little too much into it. I think it is ignorance and hate mongering due to the few Jews that exist in the world...I guess an easy target

  • 1 decade ago

    People who do hate Israel want their land.

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  • 1 decade ago

    israel is kaka

    means khara

    khara 3alikom

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