What is a good area to live in Long Beach, CA?

I am going to be moving there around August and I have heard that some areas are not that great. what would be a nice area that is not expensive?

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    Follow this link and read the whole section on "Neighborhoods of Long Beach"


    I don't know what you would consider not expensive; LB in general (as part of the greater trend) is expensive. Areas like Belmont Shores & Naples are on the higher end; they're near the beach & a shopping area. Around Cal State LB, LB College, it will be cheaper, not as interesting, but still not dangerous. As the article mentions, the downtown area has become gentrified; likewise it's probably become safer. I'm personally not a fan, the commercial area with the restaurants can be noisy, and I don't like the vibe.

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    I'm not too familiar with Long Beach in particular. However, I can tell you that in Southern California, bad neighborhoods tend to make themselves obvious. You'll know you're in a sleazy part of town when you see boarded-up windows, dingy liquor stores and menacing-looking young men standing around the street corners.

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    1well first of all congrats on entering into lengthy sea coast. i bypass there too!!. that's a large college you're able to like it. so a procedures as secure areas a large number of the areas around the college are particularly effective. the added north you bypass in the city notwithstanding, the extra severe it gets. the college is in an extremely reliable residential community and has some reliable housing ideas from properties to house complexes/house's. that's pricy notwithstanding. reliable luck and bypass sea coast!!

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    ketz, what do u consider expensive? realize that any good part of beautiful LB will be semi high in rents, are u a student? if so look in a local paper called the "grunion gazette" it has a huge listings of rents ..goodluck and enjoy LB

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    I like belmont shores

  • 1 decade ago

    no such thing in long beach,ca

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