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Which Law school is better Fordham or Brooklyn LAw?

Hi I have to choose which school to go to and I am so confused by some of the biased answers i've gotten. I would prefer some other opinions before I make my choice. Please help me thanks!

1) Fordham ranks 25th in the nation whereas Brooklyn ranks 60th

2) Brooklyn offered me 25k each year if I stay in the top 40%

Anyone know about the career prospects? Which is genuinely better? Is there no REAL difference as I am told by some. PLEASE send me some feedback.

Thanks so much!

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    You'll have decent job prospects no matter where you rank at Fordham. For Brooklyn, you better be in the top 10%.

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    well, a biglaw job certainly isn't guaranteed at either. you'll want to be in perhaps the top 1/3 at fordham if you're looking for a job that pays market in ny. brooklyn has a decent rep in ny, and the money they're offering you is excellent. however, if you don't plan to go to work your butt off to get in the top 10% (no easy feat at any school, honestly), you're better off with fordham. not to mention the great location of fordham -- doesn't get much more central than lincoln center.

    sorry you have a tough decision. i agonized over my law school decision and ended up having to overnight my deposit. when in doubt, go to the best school you got into.

    feel free to email me if you have any questions.

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