CURSED song?

do u guys know the song that came out in the movie "cursed" (the crappy werewolf movie) The song played when the main guy started kissing his crush and they walked away while his sister was looking up at the moon, then the movie ended

It was like a techno song It sounded pretty.....

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  • LORD Z
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    1 decade ago
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    One of these

    "Lil' Red Riding Hood"

    Written by Ronald Blackwell

    Performed by Bowling for Soup

    Courtesy of Jive Records


    Written by Jon Santos and Santo Castellano

    Performed by Seven Wiser

    Courtesy of Kik It Records, Inc.

    "You'll Never Catch Me"

    Written by Steve Harwell, Robbie Nevil and Matthew Gerrard

    Performed by Steve Harwell

    Courtesy of Spunout Records

    "Still Need Your Love"

    Written by Andrew James Holt & Philip Edward Burns

    Performed by Reno

    Courtesy of Jive U.K.

    "Freaks Come Out At Night"

    (Carmen Rizzo / Jed Smith "Sunrise Remix")

    Written by Lawrence Smith and Jalil Fletcher Hutchins

    Performed by Whodini

    Courtesy of Jive Records

    "Fine Without You"

    (Carmen Rizzo / Jed Smith Indian Summer Remix)

    Written by Alkaline Trio

    Performed by Alkaline Trio

    Courtesy of Vagrant Records

    "This Is a Forgery"

    Written by Christopher Carrabba

    Performed by Dashboard Confessional

    Courtesy of Vagrant Records

    "Are You Ready"

    Written by Three Days' Grace

    Performed by Three Days' Grace

    Courtesy of Jive Records

    "Stadium Parking Lot"

    Written by Trevor Gray, Howard Gray, Ian Hoxley, Noko and Paul Colbourne

    Performed by Apollo 440

    Courtesy of Epic Records/Sony Music Entertainment (UK) Ltd. by arrangement with Sony Music Licensing


    Written by Samantha Sprackling and Tom Holkenberg

    Performed by Junkie XL (feat. Saffron)

    Courtesy of Roadrunner Records, Inc.

    "Bound Too Long"

    (Hyper Re-Mix)

    Written by Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland

    Performed by The Crystal Method

    Vocals by Hanifah Walidah

    Courtesy of V2 Records Inc.

    "On the Edge of the World"

    Written by Balligomingo

    Performed by Balligomingo

    Courtesy of Experience Soundescape Productions

    "If You Don't Jump (You Are English)"

    Written by Gusgus and Purrkur Pillnikk

    Performed by Gusgus

    Courtesy of Pineapple Records, Reykjavik and Tsunami Entertainment

    "Better Now"

    (Cursed Mix)

    Written and Produced by Ed Roland and Dexter Green

    Performed by Collective Soul

    Mixed by Shawn Grove

    Courtesy of El Music Group

    "Let Me Out"

    Written by Marco Beltrami, Buck Sanders and Dillon Dixon

    Performed by MBD

    Lyrics by Dillon Dixon

    Mixed by Noah Scot Snyder

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