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how do you kill the end baddie on gears of war?

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    I'm assuming you're talking about ramm rod

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    There is a great video for you to look at, that's what helped me get through


    Inside the ammo train stock up on the ammo before touching the doors, make sure

    you take the Torque Bow. There is a glitch where you can re-enter the ammo room

    during the battle with RAAM. All you have to do is open one of the two doors

    and then run over to the other door really quick and open it before the

    cutscene starts to play. You will hear the door open as the screen turns black

    which will leave that second door open during the battle.

    Shoot RAAM with the Torque Bow to get the Kryll off him and then equip the

    Sniper Rifle to give him a good headshot. Each difficulty adds six extra

    headshots needed to kill him so roughly: 6 on Casual, 12 on Hardcore, and 18 on

    Insane. You may need to run to the opposite end of the train and work your way

    back and forth to keep him away from you. Try to stay in the lighted areas at

    all times to keep the Kryll off of you when he sends them out as well. Don't

    forget to use your Grenades if you need to, it might just be the last shot you

    need to get on him to bring him down. Once he is defeated watch the last

    cutscene as you have completed the game.

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    General Ramm...

    Just pump him full of lead, and stay in the light so the kryl dont eat you,

    and doing it in coop with 2 people is easier.

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