Where can I get an AA12 fully automatic shotgun?

How much do they cost, even if they are not released for civilian use?

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    The contract price quoted at $400-$500 may be correct, but I doubt if any U.S. citizen will ever see a Semi-auto version at less than twice this price, the way the firearms market has been recently.

    As the full-auto market is limited to what weapons were available when the '86 ban went into effect, unless this useless and restrictive law is ever repealed, which is even more doubtful, with the fresh, new crop of gun-grabbing DemaCracks in power in D.C. it is Highly doubtful that any specimen of this weapon, or many, many others will ever be seen by law-abiding citizens outside of displays at SHOT shows or in the media!

    P.S. For those REALLY concerned, the self-same DemaCracks are, at this very moment, trying to resurrect "Slick Willy's" ILLEGAL 'assault weapon' and high-cap magazine ban, and this TIME, EXPANDING IT AND ATTEMPTING TO MAKE IT PERMANENT! ! ! ! Refer to HR 10-22, if anyone doesn't believe it!

    Source(s): Personal knowledge, life member N.R.A. & G.O.A., former U.S. Marine, armed citizen, firearms owner, marksman(EXPERT-USMC) and reloader. JOIN NRA &GOA AND PROTECT YOUR 2ND AMENDMENT RIGHTS, INCLUDING OWNING FULL-AUTOS AND SUPRESSORS! ! !
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      Can i shot that

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    Aa12 Shotgun

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    This Site Might Help You.


    Where can I get an AA12 fully automatic shotgun?

    How much do they cost, even if they are not released for civilian use?

    Source(s): aa12 fully automatic shotgun: https://tr.im/nPbzg
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    First of all a 12 gauge semi auto would be better and far more discretionary..The auto is a waste .Why do ya think military rifles are available with selective fire? get real people.The auto version is good for a fun time on the range tho expensive...

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    "That other dude is a retard"?? Really? He was absolutely correct, the full auto version was manufactured post-1986 and is therefore banned from civilian ownership. Next time you want to call someone a retard, do it while you're looking in the mirror

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    • Haha so true! I just watched a couple of vids of these fools blowing stuff up with them.

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    I've been looking for one of these bad boys too and haven't found anything on them I doubt your going to find an automatic one for sale but I'd be happy with a semi.

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    What in the world would you want with THAT enormous, expensive and ridiculous thing?

    Why not just get a Benelli M Series, or a Remington 870, or(my favorite) a Mossberg 590A1? All of these are affordable, reliable and most importantly of all, AVAILABLE for sale at a quality gun store near you.

    I'd forget about full auto shotguns manufactured after 1986 if I were you, because it ain't happening.

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    you cannot own a fully automatic weapon that has been manufactured recently. You will have to wait until they release a semi-auto version.

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    Don't know, but many semi 12's can be adapter for this!

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