Does Rap music carry within it the seed by which Black youth would be destroyed?

Would rap music have the same effect as slavery did to the Black youth of today.

Would Black people look back years to come and demand apology for the destructive effect of rap music on black generation

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    I think rap music carries the seed that will destroy black people in general - not just our youth.

    The way the "artists" sing about women? Absolutely deplorable. There are young ladies walking around without an education, thinking that they can make it by being butt-naked in someone's rap video.

    Young men are hearing that it's okay to do whatever they have to (illegal and all!) in order to get rims, shiny cars and jewelry. It's sickening.

    You bring up an interesting point, but please do not EVER compare slavery to rap music. Slavery of blacks in America is the worst crime against humanity in history. The way black families, traditions, languages and culture were stytematcially destroyed by capitalistic whites is not nearly the same as talentless musicians perpetuating stereotypes and self-hatred in the black community.

    As far as I'm concerned, those celebrities - comedians, actors, actresses, singers, rappers, etc. - already owe us an apology.

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    Don't listen to the people bashing your question. You have a very logical question and I believe the answer is "yes". Down the road people will regret listening to this offensive music. First, they will be deaf, but second it is putting a huge wall between cultures. Meaning a difference between whites and blacks (mostly I am saying). Check this question in 15 years and see if I am right.

    Danger, a reply to your statement "Moreover rap music was invented by black people, so why on earth would we demand an apology?"

    I can think of thousands of examples where people (and cultures) regreted doing something. German regreted Hitlar for one example.

    Low, a reply to your statement "Why not ask the same questions about Acid Rock, PUNK, and Country & Western and the possible effects on white youths?"

    Simple answer is because Rap music is PURELY OFFENSIVE! Have you not ever read rap music lyrics??

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    Of course not. Drugs, sex, (which isn't even bad and destroys no one, but rather pleases people and creates life), and violence have existed long before Rap music was even invented. There have been times in history where Black people, not just Black youths, lived worse lives when Rap never existed. Now, at those times, there were REAL plots to destroy Black people. With the existence of Rap, many Black youths have the option to practise their rapping skills and make money off it, which actually helps Black youth. Often, such songs about drugs and violence reflect how living typically is for Black youths that grew up in the ghetto and how certain drugs can relieve the stress of growing up in such environments, or in some cases, help raise money to get out of them. These are problems that existed for Blacks ever since before the Great Depression due to racism. It's not always a "glorification," but rather "ghetto reporting" through song. This isn't to say that some Black youths could be "wrongly" influenced by Rap, but anyone can be "wrongly" influenced by anything. Yet, that doesn't equate to a "plot" existing to destroy anyone, just poor decision-making.

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    this is a silly assertion - how can rap music be equal to slavery? Slavery was the dehumanisation, oppression, persecution, torture, imprisonment and extreme exploitation of black people. WHile I believe that some rap music (not all) is instilling some negative values into our black youth, it isnt at all comparable with slavery - you are comparing apples with onions here lol

    Moreover rap music was invented by black people, so why on earth would we demand an apology? And from whom? Your question doesnt really make sense hun.

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    Blacks are not the only people who are influenced by modern "rap music." I am a computer technician and often I find that my clients' children have this material in their playlists. It is the "cool thing" to listen to now, for many reasons including the enormous appeal to the rebellious spirit of teens (they're not supposed to listen to it, do the things it says, etc.) This permeation of all modern children by this "music" does have an effect on the up-and-coming generations in general. Rap and hip-hop have been primarily fueled and consumed by the black community, but one only has to look at figures such as Eminem to see that rap is not limited to one race.

    If parents did their jobs as parents rather than ignoring their childrens' behavior and leaving an ugly disconnect hanging in the relationship, rap wouldn't be so influential, but because parents are following a self-destructive trend of ignoring their responsibilities to their children, those children are influenced by outside forces without a single check in place to counter the negatives.

    So, if a child does not have a parent putting things into perspective and context properly, this material suddenly becomes a major influence. I'd like to finish by quoting my "source" page:

    "Many Rap songs contain violence and dirty words toward women. The "KKK *****" by the Body Count says that all women were bitches(Heston,125). Their lyrics contains offensive words: "If you(women) from Mars and you got a p---y, we will f--k you"(Heston,125). The Senator of Kansas, Sam Brownback in his article"THE MELODIES OF MAYHEM : To Curb Obscene Lyrics, Change Minds, Not Laws" remakes the hostilities and the sexual torture that contains many best selling Rap albums (Brownback, 38). "Songs such as 'Don't Trust a B-----' by the group Poetic Hustla'z or 'Slap a 'Ho' by Dove Shack condone hostility or even violence toward women"(Brownback, 38). Women dislike these songs for that reason, but many children are listening them(Brownback). In other words, Rap's lyrics give to the children the idea that the women are out there(street) just to have sex with any man. Moreover, these songs promote the sex violence against women to their public, in special young people. These Rap songs have forced the congress to issues several laws to control its lyrics."

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    1 decade ago

    I think that hiphop is used as a media scapegoat. Why is rap music raising your children? Shouldn't parents be blaimed? I do think artist should have somewhat of responsibility for what they say though. Also the hiphop that is being played on the radio is not what hiphop is, If people really undertood the culture and not judge by what they see on BET they would not make statements like that.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Why not ask the same questions about Acid Rock, PUNK, and Country & Western and the possible effects on white youths?

    Your issues are that you have not learned that ALL forms of music are valid, and are not required to met YOUR or your groups standard!

    Music is an expression of ones feelings and no other person has the right to dictate the parameters of some one elses feelings!

    No one has to justify his or her music, no land, no culture. Should I require that you justify why you should be allowed to have life and to live? Now you are ready to be hostil or think negatively.

    What your question equates to is having dominion over the feelings of others, yet you are not willing to submit to dominion over yours.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You should follow my example; I've never listened to a rap whatever it is -- it's certainly not music. Did you know about Charlton Heston almost being lynched for getting up at a Time-Warner stockholders meeting and reading the lyrics from a rap CD? Everyone was shocked and disgusted until he pointed out it was the lyrics to one of their top-selling CD's.

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    A lot of people are asking that same question. I admit it's hard to hear people criticize public figures for misogynist or racist statements when a lot of rap has all that and to the 50th degree.

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    No, of course not. Nothing has that kind of influence on anyone, unless the person listening to that music participates and is a willing / pliant / weak-beyond-personal volition individual. You cannot be influenced to do things without your own approval and will.

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