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Pre-marital Sex in the Bible?

I was under the impression that the Bible doesnt specifically say that pre-marial sex is forbidden, I only thought it was forbidden in catholic doctrine. Obviously you cant committ adultery once married.

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    The KJ Bible does not use the words "premarital sex" because that phrase had not been coined yet in 1611, when the KJ Bible was translated. It uses an older word which means the same thing. That word is "fornication". The meaning of the word is "sex between two people who are not married to each other" -- that is "pre-marital sex". You will find all kinds of scriptures which forbid "fornication".

    Adultery is one form of fornication. Adultery is when a married person has sex with someone other then their spouse. So only a married person would be able to commit adultery.

    Single people would be committing fornication.

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    There is not much in the Bible on the issue of pre-marital sex. Paul advices that it is better to get married than burn in lust as singles, bur properly speaking adultery is cheating on a spouse.

    A close reading of Song of Solomon suggests that the lusty couple is not married.

    The Puritans endorsed pre-marital sex so long as the couple was engaged. In 1770, about half of all brides were pregnant on their wedding day.

    I am not endorsing pre-marital sex, but just throwing out some things that aren't usually said.

    • But biblically speaking adultery is even lusting after another. married or un-married. Jesus' words

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    Adultery is when someone who is married participates in "the marriage act" with someone other than their spouse.

    Fornication (which is mentioned throughout Scripture) is premarital participation in "the marriage act."

    Judaism had this on their laws long before the Catholic Church came along, and even longer before non-Catholic Christians came along. Just do a search on "fornication" in any electronic version of the Bible (see sources).

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    I know for a fact that the bible is against pre-marital sex... I really don't recall what verses it appears, but let me try to explain the gist of it... Well, sex is preserved for the ONE you love and will marry. Sex is a gift from GOD... When a couple has sex, their souls will actually become one... for an instant... Their souls mix and mesh together... when the souls part again, they retain some of the sin/good of their lover's soul... So if you keep the sex pure, as it was intended, then the two souls involved will remain pure. Think about it physically now... It's the same concept. Imagine sleeping with a prostitute... Your body becomes one with her... for an instant... and becoming one with a prostitute, you are susceptible to STD's and HIV...

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    the bible does not speak about catholics but about christians or even bible believers.

    so yeah... pre marital sex is forbidden not for a paticular group of people but for all.

    as far as adultery is concerned i believe a man's mind and heart is too weak to be commited to their spouse alone. atleast once in a lifetime man or woman would commit adultery wether one admits it or no. i truly believe that the only way to stay away is to trust God and ask the Holy Spirit to guard your heart and mind coz without His guidance we are nothings..

    take care and be blest..

  • The Bible does specify that pre-marital sex is forbidden (both in the OT and NT): You shall not commit adultery.

    Once married, you CAN commit adultery just by lusting after someone other than your spouse.

    • Jesus said you heard it said you shall not commit adultery but I say to look upon a woman with lust in you are committing adultery in your heart already. It doesn't matter if you are married or not. You commit adultery just by lusting after someone.

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    Well, let me see here.....................

    In one of the first five books of the Bible, God says that it is better to shoot your seed into the belly of a prostitute than to spill it on the ground.

    Abraham, regardless of the approval of Sara, committed adultery with the mother of Ishmael.

    God was not married to Mary, but inseminated her - that is premarital sex.

    Paul advised that no one get married, so if you are going to get sex, it would be premarital.

    Sex with slaves was OK, that is adultery

    and if you want to go on, I can.

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    In the bible, pre-marital sex is called fornication and it is forbidden regardless of denomination. God is not denominational. Adultery is adultery, not fornication.

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    It is written in the old testament, if you lay with a virgin, in the eyes of God, you are married. The ceremony is not what marries you but the act. This is why in our laws a marriage can be dissolved without divorce if it were not consummated by sex.

    In short if you have lain with a virgin you are married to her.

    The old testament is loaded with sexual laws and who you can and cannot lay with marry or uncover the nakedness of..

    Source(s): The Bible alone in it's entirety
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    God created sex as a celebration between husband and wife. Not for people to share themselves with this person and that person because you take something from ever individual you have been involved with.

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