who watches days of our lives?? i haven't been able to watch it this past few days. can anybody who has seen it plz tell me what's going on? did the original Abigal (Ashley Benson) return?? The new girl was getting on my nerves. And what happened to Shawn and Belle on the Island? I saw that Phillip came to the island with Kate and the Gabby chick told him they had already left. What happened after ??Thanks so much!

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    They haven't showed Abby at all this week yet, so I don't know if Ashley Benson is back yet. (I hope so, though) Shawn and Belle haven't been on either, actually. So far this week has concentrated on Sami and Celeste making a plan to kill EJ, and Lucas making plans about the wedding. Kayla was in a car accident, apparently some DiMera goons ran her off the road. She's in the hospital, but she's ok. Steve faked sick and got taken to the hospital so that he could see Kayla. Lucas found out that EJ has been skimming the books at his company, and threatened to tell the authorities. Of course EJ threatened Lucas and he'll probably back off. I think I thought of almost everything, but you can go to and get a summary and sneak peeks and stuff like that in case I missed something. Hope I helped, though. I'm a HUGE Days fan!! I'm even watching it right now!!

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    Love it!

    The original Abby is not back. The new one kinda gets on my nerves too. Takes some getting used to like the new Sean (who also got on my nerves at first)

    Sean and Belle got away with it. Duck intervened and convinced Phillip that they left so off he went back to Salem.

    They haven't played much of Sean & Belle in the last few days. This week has been all about Sammy & EJ. Sammy is finally convinced that she MUST KILL EJ. Her and Celeste are planning the perfect murder as we speak. Can't wait to see how that one turns out.

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    I haven't watch in a bit either... but the best site I know of is It updates daily and offers spoilers, recaps and cast updates.

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    You can also go on to check daily recaps. I don't have time to watch them, but get my 'fix' by just reading the recaps......

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    Great new site since Early Edition closed down. Read all you want! You can even read ahead.



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    who was graces mom what happen to her

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