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Mice or Rat?

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    Mice of course. There are many famous mice, but seldom do you ever see a rat reach stardom.


    Trixie and Pixie

    Pinky and the Brain

    Mickey Mouse

    Jerry (of Tom & Jerry fame)

    Stuart Little

    Fivel Mousecoviz

    Chuck E. Cheese

    Mighty Mouse



    The only rats that comes to mind is "The Rat Pack", but they were humans so do not actually count.

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    Mice! I used to have some as pets! A white one named Natasha and a black one named Ben like in the movie! So cute!!

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    Rat, my friend has a rat. It's soooooooooo cute!! lol

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    Mice, for sure.

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    You cant use a rat on a computer.

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    Rat. They are smarter and live longer.

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  • Both are part of the Rodent family. That's like saying black or white. Both are people.

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