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Whats the meaning of poetry?

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    When u don't have words to say but the mind needs to talk, u want to express but the words seem so casual, when u want to give up but the heart is full of hope at this time a poem is born and the art is called poetry.

    The art comes to life only by personal experience. No matter how hard I may try to explain but u won't understand because a man understands only what he goes through.

    I'm just trying to say that in order to understand the meaning of poetry u need to be a poet. Until then all questions are useless.

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    Poetry is a smile in words .

    the freshness of today to be put in words

    never related to before , leaves open a vastness to exceed all , expectations in ideas

    Some times to understan a poem read from the ending to the beginning a line at a time

    a good poem will say the same read each way.

    Poetry is fun Rub-a dub three men in a tub is a poem.

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    Poetry is a natural extension of yourself, it is a way to record history as you see and feel it, your experiences as you see them around you or within you. The form doesn't really matter as much as getting it out.

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    Poetry is the art of expressing oneself in a profound not always rhythmic way. Your deepest emotions, your talents and feelings within your heart..sometimes no one really understands what you are saying, however, the poet indeed does.

    We cannot always expect to understand but we can interpret what the poet meant according to how you perceive the poem.

    Hope I could help

    the poet


    Source(s): My heart
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    It is one of the many forms of art in the world.

    "...the personality of the artist, at first a cry or cadence or a mood and then a fluid and lambent narrative, finally refines itself out of existence, impersonalises itself so to speak."

    James joyce. The protrait of the artist as a young man.

    Joyce defines proper art as that which does not pull the observer toward it or push the observer away from it, but rather holds them still in aesthetic arrest of the moment.

    In this definition, if a work of art is true, it uses the forms of time and space in terms of contemporary life (people, objects, and their relationships to each other) to blow apart the illusory divisions that allow us to exist as individuals who are born from the great blank, grow old through similar stages of life, and die back into the great blank. And here we finally get to the Holy of Holies.

    The Great Blank is the space between thoughts and it is what proper art is concerned with--leading the individual observer back to The Mysterious Ground of Being. We are talking about a sublime and complete dissolution of the individual and collective ego into the great void of creative energy from which all life springs. All great art that has moved individuals, and hence the world, along from social epoch to epoch has been rooted in The Great Blank.

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    The meaning of poetry is to be short and sweet.

    To be economical in using words.

    An Ode to a Goldfish by author unknown

    Wet pet.

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    poetry is the written form of emotion. form some it helps them to get out whats bottled inside. Its a free forum without rules that allows you to express your inner thoughts.

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    it is the expressing of feeling that cannot be expressed in actions or it is the thing that we do to get rid of our emotions that we cannot or afraid of expressing it publicly

    anyways poetry is the thing that make the poet reveals its feeling in an easy way to the reader

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    Poetry, as an art form, has no intrinsic meaning. It exists for its own sake.

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    Poetry is an attempt to harness emotion through the discipline of poetic forms. It's meaning is to be a reflection of life and to allow vicarious experience of emotions through words, rhymes, rhythm, beat and meter.

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