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Some tips on running?

Can you guys help me please..I'm new at running and need some tips.

1.What types of shoes should I get for sprinting?(not the brand,the type) Getting Nike anyways

2.What kind of warm ups and cool downs should I do before and after running?

3.What types of food should I eat before and after running,btw I'm on a diet trying to lose the extra pounds.

4.I'm 13 and weight lift like 2-3 times a week,is it ok for me to lift 2-5 kgs?

5.I run 2 times a week-30 minutes,do I have to increase the number of days I run?I run on Mondays and Thursday..I don't got a lot of time so I just do 30 minutes.

6.How do I run faster?What are the techniques for sprinting and to run faster?

7.About high jump too...the technique and how to jump higher?

Thats all I wanna ask right now.

Hope you guys answer this.Thanks.

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    1. Not to bash Nike, but my favorite brand was Asics. Nike makes shoes for everything while Asics sticks to just running, etc.

    2. My coach always had us a 1/2 mile warm up and 1/2 mile cool down before and after practice. It's a good enough distance to get everything nice and warm.

    3. Pasta, mac and cheese, any real carbs the night before and the day off, i always just stuck to a normal breakfast (cereal) and a normal lunch (sandwich) with nothing new that could make me sick or nauseous, but I would eat up to 4 hours or more before i run.

    4. As long as you don't over exert yourself

    5. It wouldn't hurt to add a day or 2 to your normal routine and you don't necessarily have to add more time, you can just add a little more distance whenever and jus tell yourself your finishing it in 30 minutes.

    6. Sprinting = Spikes are a good option, strong arms, and a good, long and steady stride. Distance = Nice long and steady stride as well, and for technique just keep your arms loose and low, don't tense up your biceps. And for both you just need a good mindset. I always found it easier for me to win races when im trailing on the home stretch because then i give more than i thought i could to catch up to the guy in front. Remember running is 90% mental :P

    7. Ahh, used to do that in high school too. Technique is to jump on which ever foot you are comfortable with (one foot only, start on left side if right foot and vice versa). You run a kind of banana route and end up being parallel to the mat and bar (the run starts out slow, but be sprinting when ready to jump) then when you get to just before the middle of the bar (middle is lowest point) you jump get your head over the bar and arch your back instantly. Then you have less than a second to kick your feet up just as your buttocks crosses over the bar. Then when you land on the mat, get off as soon as possible because if you hit the bar a bit and you're off the mat before it falls, its good. For practice just do jumping exercises i.e. jump and touch net on a bball rim, or backboard, or any other exercise to work out the quads and calf muscles.

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    1. It would be best to ask the people in the store, and it will probably say on the box. I don't know what they're called, but when I was on track team, the shoes they gave us were light and flexible, and that's what's most important.

    2. Do a little jogging and swing your arms around to warm them up. Touch your toes, bend your neck to each shoulder and hold it there ten seconds, do pivots with your arms, straddle-split.

    3. Before: Rolled oats with milk and a banana or strawberries (or both) cut in. No sugar or if you must, Splenda. Afterwards, an organic energy bar type of thing (LaBar?) or something like a peanut butter sandwich and a banana always worked for me.

    4. Use light weights and do more repetitions, this will build your endurance.

    5. To make sure you don't hurt yourself and train the right muscle groups, you should do whatever your chosen physical activity is 3 times a week.

    6. While this might seem counterintuitive, my sprinting improved dramatically when I did some slightly toned-down marathon training. The most important thing for me was strengthening my lungs, and keeping the backs of my legs flexible. The quick start is what matters the most. I started with a big burst to make sure I got off fast and then settled in to my stride. Each day, run a little longer, a little faster. Don't push yourself. Too slow is better than too fast/

    7. Not my area, sorry.

    Source(s): Three years of track with a guy who came in like 10th in the NYC marathon.
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    These solutions are rubbish. I could accept as true with the primary one, however none the fewer the moment man has all of it mistaken. When I race, I attempt to run with persons. Find a %. If you are pr may be very nearly a different man's, run with him. You will each push yourselves for the period of the race and the days will come, believe me. I've been walking 6 days per week over the summer time. Mainly lengthy runs, with a few pace right here and there. My first-rate recommendation for coaching might be to do the workout routines correctly. If it is a recuperation run, run lengthy and gradual. If it is a pace exercise, run quick. Some persons look to combine that stuff up and get injured. Also, do not ever inform your self your now not well sufficient. I used to be walking low 17s final yr as a freshman and each person might beat me. I puzzled myself always. This summer time for the period of a street race I got here in at sixteen:03. That's determination and self notion.

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    1. shoes. ask your coach if you can wear cleats, these will improve your sprinting times.

    2. warmups. stretch your feet, ankles, legs, thighs, and lower back, both before and after. do some light calisthenics like jumping jacks to get your heart pumping.

    3. just eat a healthy balanced diet. you might want to incrase your carbs a bit.

    4. weight lifting is fine, just dont build up your upper body too much. adding upper body muscle is more weight you have to carry when you run.

    5. definitely increase. you should be working out nearly every day, maybe one day off per week. work on different kinds of drills so you dont get too stressed or bored.

    6. talk to your coach. form is very important for sprinters, but its easier for a coach in person to show you how to do it correctly. im a distance runner, so Im not very skilled in this.

    7. technique is everything, but you should talk to your coach. you want to kick you body, then your legs, up and over, with your back to the bar. again, im a distance runner, so im not as knowledgable in this area.

    Source(s): lots of marathons
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    i run track and i think you should start with a good training shoe, i personally like Asics and Brooks. for sprinting, check some of nikes spikes. warm up for about 10 min and stretch afterwards. for cool down jog about half a mile and restretch. restretching is very important. to be a faster sprinter lifting is good and there are a number of workouts to become faster. email me and ill send you a list. also i high jump at my high school so i can also help you with that.

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    1. nike new balance or the ones that have the soft rubber on the bottom

    2. Drink gatorade jog around beafore you start touch your toes 5 times and go to the spa afrerwords on a saunna

    3. beafor have a light plate of 7 Strawberries, 15 Blueberries banannas and a shake from Jambha Juice (Strawberries wild) After words Broccoli Celary Chicken and put lemon on top No splenda shugar my mom read up on it and it acctually causes cancer!!

    4. If you want to get muscular then yes

    5. Three days a week doesn't matter what days just Three times

    6. Pump your arms in a nice and steady rithum Pace your self and every day you go pace your self a little bit faster.

    7. go to the Jym every two days and work out your legs

    8. Your welcome!

    Source(s): My dad Is A really fast runner and allready has gotter 10 gold mettals but he has retired but I used to go with him every day.
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