Need an idea for a 28th wedding anniversary gift?

My book has what the 25th should be and what the 30th should be, but nothing in between. Jewelry won't work, she says she already has more than enough

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    Just as an orchid plant is breathtaking, your twenty-eighth year of marriage can be a breathtaking time of change in your marriage as your children chart their own course in life and the two of you have more time alone together. As you celebrate your 28th wedding anniversary, reflect on how far the two of you have journeyed together.

    Here are some 28th wedding anniversary ideas and symbols to help you choose orchid gifts associated with your 28th marriage anniversary.

    28th Anniversary Traditional Gift: There is no traditional gift for the 28th anniversary.

    28th Anniversary Contemporary/Modern Gift: Orchids.

    28th Anniversary Gemstone: Although there is no official gemstone for the 28th anniversary, amethyst, phosphosiderite, and orchid tourmaline all have orchid coloring.

    28th Anniversary Color: Orchid or lavender.

    28th Anniversary Flower: Orchids.

    In the language of flowers, orchids represent rare beauty, love, refinement, beautiful lady, mature charm, beauty, long life. Orchids are the Chinese symbol for many children, and symbolise nobility, elegance, perfection, and friendship.

    Ways to Celebrate Your 28th Anniversary:

    Plan a picnic near a field of lavender with orchid paper plates and cups.

    Use an orchid plant for a centerpiece for your anniversary dinner.

    A dinner at an oriental restaurant that has orchids in their decor.

    A trip to Hawaii to look at orchids!

    Gift Suggestions to Purchase for Your 28th Anniversary:

    Orchid stationery.

    Orchid candles.

    Calendar with pictures of orchids.

    Orchid magazine subscription.

    Orchid jigsaw puzzle.

    Orchid paper weight.

    Book about orchids.

    Orchid art print.

    Gift Suggestions to Make for Your 28th Anniversary:

    Stuff an orchid pinata or pretty box with items reflecting orchids.

    Put together a CD with songs from the year you were married.

    Assemble a memory photo album with pictures highlighting your 28 years together. Include your wedding, children, grandchildren, friends, trips taken together, homes lived in, etc. A nice addition is to include stories from your children and friends.

    Love note on orchid paper.

    Love coupons on orchid paper.

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    There's not a traditional gift for a 28th wedding anniversary, but the modern gift idea has the theme of orchids, celebrating ideas and symbols.

    Maybe a gift of an orchid along with something celebrating ideas and symbols would be appropriate. I'm not sure what ideas or symbols are important to you, so I can't be more specific.

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    This Site Might Help You.


    Need an idea for a 28th wedding anniversary gift?

    My book has what the 25th should be and what the 30th should be, but nothing in between. Jewelry won't work, she says she already has more than enough

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    28th Wedding Anniversary

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    28 Year Anniversary

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    I know you said "jewelry won't work" but I was going to say "Journey Necklace" when I first read your Q. This may still be worth considering because it's not just another hunk of gold / rock. You can remind her of the meaning behind it - You guys have been on a 28+ year journey together and you would not trade it for anything. "He shoots - HE SCORES!"

    Another option would be to surprise her with a little weekend getaway like Niagara Falls or somewhere close to you like that. Don't forget card and flowers.

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    see if a search has anything for 28 yrs. (traditional anniversary gifts for number of years married), you can get a newspaper copy of what happened in the news on the day/month/year they were married from the city paper (archives) they were married in, A nice album of family members pictures/achievements then and the years between to the present, go in with others to give them a week-end or night for dinner and nice hotel room, or a show/concert

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    What does she really really want that she won't buy herself?

    Prada Purse?

    Designer Shoes?

    Automatic cat litter box?

    LOL- you get my drift.... even if it's something for the house like the robot vacuum that may make her life easier that she won't think to buy herself.

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    a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant

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