How do we get israel off the map and should the u.s. transform into a new nation? These things may save both?

Most people agree, that israel should come off the map. Usaully this is used to inflame the pro-jew victim community but actually is a serious question. Nearly a payment for a 4yr holocaust it's caused a 6 decade one. Either the 2 states should be formed immediately not at israels leisure or israel should be removed and replaced with a multicultural government. Jews and arabs and muslims live together where they have to and this new state they would be forced to cooperate the same method imposed on sunni and shi'ite in iraq. Last option a multinational administrator run the new nation until the people adapt. Indepth serious responses only, please. U.S. business and d.c. have abandoned idea of countries, so the u.s. should change it's status from nation to something more fluid that reflects it's modern makeup. The china plant, japan electronic, mideast oil, africa exploit, latin america destabilizer consortium of america. Something shorter but some of you get the point.

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    I do not say remove Israel from the map but the international community needs to make sure Israel abide by all resolution just like any other country and abides by ALL laws.

    I read someones answer here who said Israel has the right to fight for what's theirs. What about the Palestinians who are murdered everyday by the zionist and their homes are bulldozed because Israel decides to take more land. Why doesn't Israel have to abide by the resolutions? They've broken 60 something and Palestine hasn't broken any. Why can't the Zionist leave the Palestinians alone? It may not be exactly the same as the holocost but Israel is commiting genocide no matter how you slice it. Theses problems did not exist 2000 years ago.

    For 2,000 years there was no such conflict.

    The land of Palestine was inhabited by Palestinian Arabs. In 1850 these consisted of approximately 400,000 Muslims, 75,000 Christians, and 25,000 Jews. For centuries these groups had lived in harmony: 80 percent Muslim, 15 percent Christian, 5 percent Jewish.

    But then in the late 1800s a group in Europe decided to colonize this land. Known as "Zionists," this group consisted of an extremist minority of the world Jewish population. They wanted to create a Jewish homeland, and at first considered locations in Africa and South America, before finally settling on Palestine for their colony.

    At first this immigration created no problems. However, as more and more Zionists immigrated to Palestine — many with the express wish of taking over the land for an exclusively Jewish state — the indigenous population became increasingly alarmed. Eventually, there was fighting between the two groups, with escalating waves of violence.

    Finally, in 1947 the United Nations decided to intervene. However, rather than adhering to the democratic principle espoused decades earlier by Woodrow Wilson of "self-determination of peoples," in which the people themselves create their own state and system of government, the UN chose to revert to the medieval strategy whereby an outside power arbitrarily divides up other people’s land.

    Under considerable pressure from high-placed American Zionists, the UN decided to give away 55 percent of Palestine to a Jewish state — despite the fact that this group represented only about 30 percent of the total population, and owned under 7 percent of the land.

    1948 War

    When the inevitable war broke out the outcome was never in doubt, according to U.S. intelligence reports from the time. The Zionist army consisted of over 90,000 European-trained soldiers and possessed modern weaponry, including up-to-date fighter and bomber airplanes. The Arab forces, very much a third-world army, consisted of approximately 30,000 ill-equipped, poorly trained men. The U.S. Army, British intelligence, and the CIA all agreed: it would be no contest.

    By the end of the 1948 war the Jewish state — having now declared itself "Israel" — had conquered 78 percent of Palestine — far more than that proposed even by the very generous UN partition plan. And three-quarters of a million Palestinians had been made refugees. Over 400 towns and villages had been destroyed, and a new map was being drawn up, in which every city, river and hillock would receive a new, Hebrew name. All vestiges of the Palestinian culture were to be erased. In fact, for many decades Israel — and the US, following its lead — denied the very existence of this population. Golda Meir once said, in fact: "There is no such thing as a Palestinian."

    Map of Palestinian, Egyptian, and Syrian lands occupied by Israel in 1967. The Palestinian West Bank and Gaza Strip, and the Syrian Golan Heights are all still under occupation.

    In 1967, Israel conquered still more land. Following the Six Day War, in which Israeli forces launched a highly successful, Pearl Harbor-like surprise attack on Egypt, Israel occupied the additional 22 percent of Palestine that had eluded it in 1948 — the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. It also occupied parts of Egypt (which since were returned) and Syria (which remain under occupation).

    Current Conflict

    There are, then, two issues at the very core of the continuing conflict and escalating violence in the Middle East:

    First, there is the inevitably destabilizing effect of trying to maintain an ethnically preferential state, particularly when the exclusionist entity is of largely colonial origin. As we have seen, the original population of what is now Israel was 95 percent Muslim and Christian. And yet, Muslim and Christian refugees are not being allowed to return to their homes in the current "Jewish state." Israeli peace negotiators refuse to even discuss the possibility of applying this UN guaranteed right.

    Second, Israel’s continued confiscation of Palestinian land in the West Bank and Gaza is being resisted by the Palestinian inhabitants. It is these occupied territories that, according to the Oslo peace accords of 1993, were going to become a Palestinian state. However, when Israel continued to take land in these areas and to move its citizens onto it, the Palestinian population rebelled. This uprising, called the "Intifada" (Arabic for "shaking off") began at the end of September 2000 and continues to this day.

    1. 118 Israeli children have been killed by Palestinians and 926 Palestinian children have been killed by Israelis since September 29, 2000.

    2.1,021 Israelis and at least 4,070 Palestinians have been killed since September 29, 2000.

    3. 7,633 Israelis and 31,296 Palestinians have been injured since September 29, 2000

    4. The U.S. gives $15,139,178 per day to the Israeli government and military and $232,290 per day to Palestinian NGO’s.

    5. Israel has been targeted by at least 65 UN resolutions and the Palestinians have been targeted by none.

    6. 1 Israeli is being held prisoner by Palestinians, while 9,599 Palestinians are currently imprisoned by Israel.

    7. 0 Israeli homes have been demolished by Palestinians and 4,170 Palestinian homes have been demolished by Israel since September 29, 2000.

    8. The Israeli unemployment rate is 9%, while the Palestinian unemployment is estimated at 40%.

    9. 60+ new Jewish-only settlements have been built on confiscated Palestinian land between March 2001 and July 11, 2003. There have been 0 cases of Palestinians confiscating Israeli land and building settlements.

    if someone in america had their families killed, home bulldozed, occupation, oppression, and humiliation..... do not say you would not fight by any means possible

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    The "most people agree" are only readers of arabic newspapers in middle eastern countries. No person of any other area agrees or cares.

    Israel is a sanctioned nation formed by the United Nations. It just doesn't go away now. Not only do they have every right to use whatever force is necessary to survive but other nations have treaties in place to help defend them.

    The US is transformed every 2 years by our political system of electing a completely new House of Representatives and 1/3 of the congressmen. If there was a sweeping movement across the country to change anything, it would happen within 2 years. Most people fail to realize that they can change our government by using their voting rights. The recent demoncratic control of the House is a good example of this.

    A multinational administrator is another word for dictator.

    To compare the holocaust to the treatment of the Palestinians is stupid. Israel does not have a state sponsored program to systematical strip people of wealth and then murdering them. If you really want to place blame on someone to make yourself feel better. Blame the European powers that established arbitrary boundaries on territories based on alliances instead of religion. Many to all of the problems in the region today can be blamed on this one factor of how countries were formed just by a pencil line on a map draw by a bureaucrat.

    You haven't really thought this out or your just too narrow minded in your views towards Israel because of your personal beliefs. I get the point of your anti-semantic anti-American question completely. Now, go away.

  • Anonymous
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    That's an amusing statement, starting with most people agree. If you bothered to check your history you would find that twice before attempts were made to give Palestinians their own nation, and yet twice before the ARAB states rejected the proposals. Don't blame the Jews for Muslim ignorance greed and intolerance. Its just plain stupidity to think that the Jews want anything more than to coexist peaceably with their neighbors. Sixty years of Muslim spawned violence and several wars started by Muslims, finished by the Jews and yet Muslims can't get it through their thick skulls that Israel is never coming off the map? Its just this kind of ignorance that will guarantee that the Muslims continue to live in the thirteenth century.

  • Anonymous
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    You really need to get out more. Expand your circle of friends beyond your mother and your pecker. "Most people" do not agree with you. "Until people adapt" you mean stop killing each other? A "multinational administrator" is going to need some strength to back up the rules, like an occupying army... who's going to provide that? Then we get to your main dream, a corporate run world, what's next? Rollerball?

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    Sorry; Your initial point of "Most people agree, that israel should come off the map" is not a point I've ever seen a valid source for.

    I disagree

  • 1 decade ago

    Most people agree? Proove it. Because if Israel falls the world will end shortly after.

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