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A one minute speech(for F.1 examination)

Please help me to organise a one minute speech. (F.1)

It is for my examination, please answer it well.

Use point forms.

Give reason(s) for my beliefs, supporting them with evidence from common sense, logic, statistics.

Point out why the opposition's belief is weak.

Conclude the speech with a call for support.

The time allowed will be strictly limited to one minute only.

Topic: Examinations are not a vital part of school life


the first answerer :

I want to point out why the opposition's belief is weak, instead of list their evidence only.

Please make addition and conclude the speech with a call for support.

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    Examinations are not a vital part of school life

    Positive belief

    ~ Exam is a refection of the knowledge gained during school, so what u have learned is more important than what u have written in the exam paper.

    ~ School is a place where u gain a wide range of knowledge out of it instead of preparing for exams

    ~ School is about the knowledge u gain not simply from the textbook,but also from the field study, so relax and enjoy the process of gaining knowledge, do not give yourself too much pressure in preparing Exam.

    Opposition belief

    ~The fact that the society is judging each student on the basis of their own academic ability,so u have to achieve an excellent score in order to find a decent jod in the future

    ~As the society of Hong kong is undergoing a transition from industrial sector to It Technology sector, a better performance of exam will help u gaining an edge over the others who don't achieve good score in the exam.

    As a conclusion, Exam can be quite important and it can be less important. It depends on how u view on it,but generally the knowledge u gain from school is more important than the exam paper.

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    Weakness of opposition belief~More pupils beleve that the ability of coping with society is more important than achieving good results in exams~More outdoor field study is necessary in order to develop a student healthily, instead of focusing fully on exams.This drives student mad~~

    Source(s): Longman Dictionary
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