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despite / in spite of

1) What is despite / in spite of mean ?

2) Are despite / in spite of the same?

3) 佢地係點用?

4) Despite / in spite of + reflexive pronoun 係嘜黎?點用?

5) Despite the fact that + clause 係嘜? 點用 ?

6) you do not intend or expect to do something but you still do it.


7) Jack's tragic experience made me laugh in spite of myself.


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    3.例句:Despite his advice, I decided to buy it. (即使佢勸阻,我都係買左呢件野)

    4.despite myself = 忍唔住;例:When I saw him, I just laughed despite myself. (見到佢時我忍唔住笑出o黎)

    5.Despite / in spite of 要後跟名詞,但有時件事太複雜/冇個合用o既名詞,就可以用Despite the fact that 開頭,跟住用一句完整句子就ok。如:Despite the fact that his whole family had come from Japan to accompany him and brought his favorite things along, he was still unhappy.


    7.Jack o既經歷慘痛,但我忍唔住笑左出o黎

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