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WuMo asked in 健康心理健康 · 1 decade ago


我想當我自己 不想被任何人影響 想回到最原始的自己 話說真的挺困難的 常常會迷失自己 不過還是要堅強 不要被打敗 別因為某些臭白目 而擾亂了自己的方向 知道嗎? 你知道嗎!


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  • 1 decade ago
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    Want to work as I oneself is it is it is it get back to most primitive oneself speak can lose no one oneself but strong to defeat into the reason of pinning oftenning really very difficult to want to influence to want Have upset one's own direction to know for some discredited white eyes? You know!

  • 1 decade ago

    I want to work as I do not want to want to return by anybody influence the most primitive own speech to say really very difficult frequently could lose oneself wants strongly not to have to be defeated do harass because of certain smelly Bai Mu own direction to know?

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