whats the difference between los angeles and los angeles county?

whats the difference between them two. like in los angeles they have parts of LA like east LA. and in east LA there are like smaller parts like where i lived (lincoln heights) and then whats los angeles county. thats where i live now (san gabriel)

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    Counties are the level of government below states and above cities. Los Angeles CITY lies within Los Angeles COUNTY.

    Your old neighborhood, Lincoln Heights, is within LA city, but some East LA neighborhoods, such as City Terrace, are not part of any city. This subject would be much less confusing if the county had a different name. For example, Chicago is in Cook County, but there's no city in that county called "Cook." Las Vegas is in Clark County, but there's no city called "Clark."

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    Los Angeles County is bigger and includes within its boundaries unincorporated areas and the incorporated following cities:

    Chronological Order

    of Incorporation

    1. Los Angeles

    2. Pasadena

    3. Santa Monica

    4. Monrovia

    5. Pomona

    6. Long Beach

    7. South Pasadena

    8. Compton

    9. Redondo Beach

    10. Whittier

    11. Azusa

    12. Covina

    13. Alhambra

    14. Arcadia

    15. Vernon

    16. Glendale

    17. Huntington Park

    18. La Verne

    19. Hermosa Beach

    20. Sierra Madre

    21. Claremont

    22. Inglewood

    23. Burbank

    24. San Fernando

    25. Glendora

    26. El Monte

    27. Manhattan Beach

    28. San Gabriel

    29. San Marino

    30. Avalon

    31. Beverly Hills

    32. Monterey Park

    33. El Segundo

    34. Culver City

    35. Montebello

    36. Torrance

    37. Lynwood

    38. Hawthorne

    39. South Gate

    40. West Covina

    41. Signal Hill

    42. Maywood

    43. Bell

    44. Gardena

    45. Palos Verdes Estates

    46. Lakewood

    47. Baldwin Park

    48. Cerritos

    49. La Puente

    50. Downey

    51. Rolling Hills

    52. Paramount

    53. Santa Fe Springs

    54. Industry

    55. Bradbury

    56. Irwindale

    57. Duarte

    58. Norwalk

    59. Bellflower

    60. Rolling Hills Estates

    61. Pico Rivera

    62. South El Monte

    63. Walnut

    64. Artesia

    65. Rosemead

    66. Lawndale

    67. Commerce

    68. La Mirada

    69. Temple City

    70. San Dimas

    71. Cudahy

    72. Bell Gardens

    73. Hidden Hills

    74. Palmdale

    75. Hawaiian Gardens

    76. Lomita

    77. Carson

    78. Rancho Palos Verdes

    79. La Canada-Flintridge

    80. Lancaster

    81. La Habra Heights

    82. Westlake Village

    83. Agoura Hills

    84. West Hollywood

    85. Santa Clarita

    86. Diamond Bar

    87. Malibu

    88. Calabasas

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    Los Angeles County is the name of a county in Southern California. It contains 88 cities, the largest of which is the city that is also called Los Angeles. It's kind of like how New York City is in New York State. They're both called "New York" but they're different things.

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    It has to do with electoral boundaries.

    In California, a county consists of many cities, as well as unincorporated areas. Los Angeles County is much larger than the City of Los Angeles because it includes many other cities: West Hollywood, Santa Monica, Compton, Pasadena, Burbank, etc.

    Counties are administrative divisions of the state. Local officials who are agents of the state are elected at the county level. These includes sheriffs, district attorneys, and boards of supervisors. Everyone inside the county can vote for these offices.

    Cities are smaller municipalities within those counties. They represent the most local authority in the government structure. Only residents of a particular city may elect mayors, city councilors, city managers, and so forth. Santa Monica residents have *no* say in who becomes Beverly Hills' mayor, for example.

    And it gets even more confusing once you get upto Northern California. San Francisco is a combined "City and County" (functioning as one). The officials all take on dual roles. The Mayor is also County Executive. The City Council is also the Board of Supervisors. Weird stuff.

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    Los Angeles county includes cities like Santa Monica, Culver City, Marina Del Rey, Torrance, Long Beach, Inglewood, Beverly Hills, etc.

    Los Angeles is only the city of Los Angeles.

    The only county in California which consists of one city only is San Francisco.. All other counties have more than one city

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    Los Angeles is a city. Los Angeles county is many cities (a bit of an understatement... LA county is GIGANTIC). For instance, I don't live in the city of LA, but I do live in the county.

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    Los Angeles is the big city. Los Angeles County is an area that contains other cities such as Downey, La Mirada, Bellflower, etc.

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    the city of la is in los angeles county.

    there are other, unincorporated cities in la co.

    see previous posters list.

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    The county is the cities all bunched under one name.

    Like i live in santa barbara county..which contains everything after ventura(going North) through nipomo. (which is like montecito,summerland,santa barbara, goleta, isla vista,buellton,solvang,santa ynez,santa maria,lompoc....)

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    Uh, maybe the it's all the L.A.'s combined. Counties are all the surrounding areas.

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