Where in the world is Costa Rica Located..and what continent is it in???(facts only)?

well my little sister is doing a country report on Costa Rica and I need to know where in the world is Costa Rica located and what continent is it in???PLEASE HELP w/ facts ONLY!!!



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    Not only a liar, but a dumb liar.

    Costa Rica is located in the North American Continent.

    Specifically, it is located in Central America, between Nicaragua and Panama.

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    Wow.... some of the posters above really need a map. The land mass known as North America contains all of Costa Rica (and part of Panama). Yes, it is in Central America, but North America includes EVERYTHING on the CONTINENTAL SHELF. The Continental Shelf is how various continents are decided... North America actually includes Canada, The USA, Mexico, All Central American Countries, almost all Carribean Islands, including the lesser antillies. So the simple answer: "Costa Rica is part of North America".

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    Costa Rica is in the Region of Central America, which is part of the American continent. To the north of the country lies Nicaragua, to the west and south the Pacific Ocean, to the south-east tlies Panama, and to the west the Caribean Sea.

    Source(s): I live there!
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    Costa Rica is in Central America. You know, the whole continent from Canada to Chile is called America, and it's divided in: North America (Groenlandia to Mexico), Central America and South America (Panama to Chile). Central America is the small portion between Mexico and Panama. Costa Rica is between Nicaragua and Panama.

    Source(s): I AM from Costa Rica.
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    It is located in the far southern portion of the North American continent next to Panama.

    Anything that is South of Panama is considered to be on the South American continent.

    It is bordered on the South by Panama, on the North by Nicaragua, on the East by the Caribbean, and on the West by the Pacific.

    It is the Size of West Virginia, has about 4 million souls living in the country and its Capital is San Jose which is located somewhat in the middle of the country on their "Central Plain" which sets approximately 3,800 feet above sea level.

    Geologic forces actually pushed the land mass now known as Costa Rica up out of the sea approximately 260 million years ago that resulted in the "Isthmus" of Panama to come about connecting the North American continent to the South American continent.

    Source(s): a realist and a Tico at heart!
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    Costa Rica is located in Central America. That is located South of Mexico..The landscape is painted with lush green mountains and crystal clear lakes and lagoons .The Country itself is very small and on its East coast the great Gulf of Mexico shimmers on the West it is the Pacific....It is known for its efforts to preserve the natural rain forest it is quite beautiful you should research on google are yahoo just type in Costa Rica..

  • It's located between Panama (to it's south east) and Nicaragua (to it's north west) Panama borders South America so you have an idea of location. It is considered part of north America.

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    costa rica is in central america bordered by nicaragua and panama

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    Central america -

    Ya know you could have looked it up on the very same computer you used to ask this question.

    You probably would have got a quicker answer that way also.

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    It is in Central America, This is a really bad place to learn about that kind of stuff

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