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What is your definition of success and have you achieved it yet?

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    Success for me is achieving contentment. Unfortunately, I am not there yet. It's not the things that I have or the things that I do that make me who I am...it's the person on the inside that determines who I am. When I grow content with the inner me, I will have achieved my goal.

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    My definition of success is being happy. I have yet to achieve it fully. I have good days and bad, just like everyone else, but it needs to be more happy than sad.

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    Success ~ reaching your goal.

    Last week, my bosses boss said to me.... "You are doing a wonderful job! I need to put you on the road to teach others how this is done." I always strive to be the best, but most of the time it all seems to go unnoticed. It feels good when there is some recognition for all the extra work and that extra mile I go for them. I feel I have achieved success!

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    Success is doing the best with what you have and making achievable goals. Success is also achieving victory over the goals you deserve.

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    1 decade ago

    for the first time in a very long time i think i might be getting near to success in life.

    i think success in life is unique to each person . first i think the person needs to look back and see every failure and success in there true form . the person needs to really think and know that they have done the best they can and by looking at all the past failures and success a person if honest with himself can maybe on day say yes i have done all i can to be the best i can .

    in the end all that any person anywhere can hope to hear to know they were successful is . WELL DONE MY GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT. GOD.

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    Success to me is having an comfortable amount of money and being the best I can be in my dream profession. When I'm no longer living in this place I am at in much better circumstance thats it. When I can afford more of what I love..

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    To me success means overcoming your dreams,testing your limits, and shattering your doubts. Success for most people is hard to grasp. To me success is intangible.

    I have not succeeded my definition of success.

    Source(s): Truely me
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    Let's begin at the beginning. The universe exists.

    Reality is real on its own terms, as what it is: self-generated space-time.

    I exist.

    Therefore, I need to learn how to think in order to control the acts that decide whather I go on living or die, and on what terms.

    Because when I started, I didn't know how to think, any more than I knew what to think about anything...

    I had to learn how to learn; other people were useful to me but not primary; so I learned how to get along with them.

    The primary was self assertion--how I conducted myself as a mentally-separate, physically-separate an ultimately a value-separate being--neither a dictator over others nor a a slave to them in the real universe.

    I had as an American to deserve my selfish life, my liberty (freedom from criminal interference or collectivization by any one or more others) and my inalienable right to prioritize and to purpose the capitalist investment of my life good in the creation of end results that I desired to create and control and maintain and expend.

    So, there's three things that are important in any man's life.

    1. Learning how to think by the scientific method--not outward appearances but workings, functional-inner 5-6 most central factors.

    2. This leads to honesty--knowing when you know something absolutely, as a categorizing definition and when you really don't.

    3. And this honesty confirms your efficacy as an individual, a knower; your moral correctness as a secular purposive result getter using your values and talents;

    and it's the basis for your ethics toward others--watching out for their rights as you do your own, trading value for value instead of stealing things and investing in others instead of just using up what you have.

    Success? Human-level scientific thinking, categorical honesty toward the real universe and its man-made addition, benevolence toward all well-meaning others...

    As a success, my love of beauty, justice and honor (integrity) puts my name up in lights ,among the biggest successes ever, by my standards.

    I have everything but safety, wealth, friends, and a constitution my governors are willing and able to follow.

    I'm rich--in everything but these things, and money.

    Source(s): Capitalism the Unknown Ideal by Ayn Rand
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    No, haven't gotten there yet. Still need some time to figure out what I want to do with my life.

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