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Six Flags Ohio / Geauga Lake Location...?

I have read that Six Flags Ohio was sold to the owners of Kings Island, and turned into Geauga Lake. I am kind of confused as to location. From looking up the Six Flags park it was just about 20-30 minutes from Columbus, Ohio in Powell, OH... Now looking up Geauga Lake, it is over 2 hours from Columbus. How did the park sell out to another company, and get 2 hours further away?


In response to the first answer: I have indeed found that Geauga Lake is in Aurora, OH, but everything I've found pretaining to Six Flags Ohio (Wyandot Lake), said it was in Powell, and there is a lot of distance between Powell and Aurora. This is where my confusion is coming from.

This all was triggerd when I made a reservation at a Courtyard in Dublin, OH -- and the Top Attactions still list Six Flags -- so I started looking into it. Mapping the address of the hotel to the address found for the Six Flags its no more than 15-20 minutes, but mapping the address from the hotel to the Aurora address its 2 hours. So I became highly confused...

Update 2:

I've also found news articles from June 2006 saying that the Columbus Zoo was going to buy the waterpark from Six Flags, as an expansion. so why would they have looked into buying an expansion so far away? -- just another thing to add to my confusion.

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    1 decade ago
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    There were two parks in Ohio. One is Gaugea Lake in Aurora that they own"ed", and the other one was in Powell, Ohio called Wynadoyt Lake. They are both sold to other companies. Gaugea Lake is owned by Cedar Fair now. They also own the former Paramount Parks.

    Cedar Fair parks:

    The other park called Wynadoyt Lake is now owned by the Columbus Zoo. It's mostly a waterpark, and had a couple rides. I don't believe it's open in 2007.

    If you are staying over there (which it sounds like), I think you should go to Gaugea Lake one day, and Cedar Point the other day,or days (You might want to stay two days.) Cedar Point is an hour and a half from Aurora. Cedar Point is located in Sandusky, Ohio. Cedar Point has 17 roller coasters.

    It's also owned by Cedar Fair.

    I hope you have fun whatever you do. Gaugea Lake has 8 roller coasters.

  • dorthy
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    4 years ago

    Six Flags Ohio Location

  • 1 decade ago

    Geauga Lake is in Aurora, OH. First it was Geauga Lake/Sea World for many years and then it turned into a Six Flags. Then Six Flags sold it off and it turned into Geauga Lake again and everything left behind from Sea World was sold off or destroyed. Hope this helps!!!!

    Source(s): Personal Experience and Geauga Lake's official website
  • 1 decade ago

    I Heard The Same… But It Was All Just Conspiracy. There Really Isnt Anything Like It. Hell Even 6 Flags Never Happen, Its Only In California

  • 5 years ago

    The amusement park at Geauga Lake has closed, but the waterpark, Wildwater Kingdom, is still open. It costs $23.95 for ages 3-61 who are over 48" tall and $11.95 for those who are 3 or older and are under 48" tall and those who are older than 62. Children age 2 and younger are free. Parking is $5.00 per car.

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