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Has anyone ever used for airfare?

If you order more than one ticket, will they be guaranteed to be on the same flight? Two adults, two kids. We don't need to be split up. Any experience with this?

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    Yes, I have used priceline for more than one ticket. You can specify that you want all the tickets on the same flight. You can find out the latest deals at

    Good luck.

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    Priceline is good for getting cheap flights. Depending on the airline, you may or may not sit together. My family and another family went to Mexico together. We took AA and Delta down there (one flight each) and two Delta flights coming back. On AA, we were split up, but we were together on all of the Delta flights.

    Have a good trip!

    Here's a link to another question about

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    My sister and I buys ticket on priceline a lot and we haven't had any situation where they put us on different airline, it is always the same.

    Watch out though and keep in mind that if this is an international travel and the child is less than 11, they do not pay the full adult fare, so you might want to call priceline rather than booking online.

    If this is a domestic travel and your child is less than 2, you can save a lot by putting your child on your lap.

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    I've not used it, actually. William Shatner doesn't instill confidence in me.

    Plus I've found decent fairs with travelocity instead.

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    I've never used it but, If your open I'd try

    My family and I are using this site to book our Hawaiian vacation.

    Take Care.

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