sol lanzarote aparthotel, matagorda lanzarote?

hi thinking of booking this hotel for jan next year, wondering if anyone has been, and whether it will be quiet that time of year,also is it better to go self catering or half board, never been to lanzarote, only majorca so looking for a change. 4 adults, one 15yr old and a 1yr old all going.thank to all who reply

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    I live in Puerto del Carmen and my partner used to work in Sol Lanzarote. It's a very nice Hotel first off, it would be better if you went half board in here. The food is very nice and will no doubt save you money with having children with you. They also have a kids club, not sure weather the 15yr will want to join at that age or the 1yr will know whats going on but the option is there anyway.

    Lanzarote in the beginning of Jan is still quite busy, it's becoming one of the busiest times of the year as many are getting away from the Winter in the UK.

    Sol lanzarote is also in a good location as it's a stones throw from matagorda which has plenty of bars and restaurants in, you are also quite close to Los Pocillos, this area has a good beach (can be windy though) but also has more bars and restaurants for you all to choose from.

    Hope this helps.

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