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Feet leaving marks on socks?

I have a problem with bad smelling feet. I've looked up questions similar to this but I haven't found anything that applies to me. The thing is, not only do I have smelly feet but i have like a yellow callous that cover the majority of the bottom of both feet. So, when I sweat really bad, which I do all the time, it's leaving dark yellow marks on my socks along with really bad ordor. Anyone have any suggestions?

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    You may actually have a foot fungus, esp if the callouses are leaving yellow marks behind. MAYBE over-the-counter meds will work for you, but you may want to see a dermatologist, podiatrist, or both to make sure there's no underlying medical reason that would only get masked with the 0-T-C meds. They may have to prescribe something for you. After your morning showers, be sure your feet are dry before putting on your socks, even if you have to blow-dry them. Meanwhile, the best foot powder is one by Dr. Scholl's that comes in a yellow container with a curved neck and a flat green cap. Your feet will remain dry and odor-free all day. You'll want to change your socks every single re-using them the next day. That way your feet can start healing and you won't keep reactivating the sweat that already in them.

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    I'm going to guess your a guy but just the saem if I were you I'd think about getting a pedicure once a week or every two weeks. That would help with the callous thats forming on the bottom of your feet. Just don't get polish ;-)

    As far as the stinkyness goes try powder in your socks and shoes. Also make sure you change them after you've been sweating (like when you get home form work).

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    Go get a pedicure. That will help with the callouses. You may have to go once a month or so but it's worth it. I get a spa pedicure at Regal Nails once a month and it's about $35 which incluides having my nails painted. If you don't get your nails painted, it's about $25 - $30. Check around your town and see what's out there.

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