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what is the difference between abec and swiss bone bearings? Skateboarding not inline skating?

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    ABEC ratings have been used to describe the perfection of most machined bearings, grading the smoothness of polish.

    Swiss adding a different claim. It isn't just the smoothness of polish that matters but the entire assembly. There's a site that better explains it and shows a chart on which is better and for what. The differance is how they rate their bearings, thats the differance in abec and swiss. skateboarding and inline skate bearings are the same ratings, there is no differance.

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    ABEC is the rating system for the speed of bearings and Swiss Bones bearings are a brand and is defined as:

    The ABEC rating of a bearing is determined by the following (for a 608 size bearing):

    1. How close the bore is to 8mm in microns

    2. How close the outer diameter is to 22 in microns

    3. How close the width is to 7mm in microns

    4. The rotating accuracy in microns

    Bones uses what they call Skate Rated bearings. They say:

    This is our way of saying that just using a bearing with an ABEC rating is not enough to ensure that a bearing will perform well for skating, since ABEC ratings were intended for electric motor bearings, not skate bearings. We have adjusted the tolerances, clearances, lubricant, and component materials to optimize Bones Bearings for use in dirty, high impact environments… where you skate. That’s why they roll faster and last longer than mere ABEC rated bearings.

    For Bones' explanation of the difference, I have included a link below. Overall, bearings are bearings and unless you're skating super fast on your skateboard you're probably not going to notice a difference. As long as you keep your bearings clean and don't skate through water or sand you'll be good to go.

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    Not much in terms of performance, provided you get ABEC 3 or better. Bones bearings have a removable sheath so you can clean them and I don't think the ABECs do. If you do a lot of ramp skating, the ABECs are a slightly better bet, as they are a bit more durable in my experience, but you won't really go wrong either way.

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