how long after D/L revocation for DUI can request for Admin Hearing at Secretary of State be made?

State of IL.This is his 2nd DUI 1st was 10 years ago He pleaded guilty. Went on his own for help/assessment activly enrolled in 12 step program and has been since the incident 12/05. Court was 4/6/07 waiting on Revocation notice from Sec State. Can he have an intoxilizer installed prior to the hearing as a show of good faith. This guy drives as part of his job requirement. What type of supporting doc's will he need to present to the formal hearing officers?

Should he have a Lawyer? What is the going fee for this? Does anyone know what is in store for him? I know the revocation last for 5 years. Any guidance you have will be greatly appreciated.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I am assuming since you said the revocation with last 5 years, he has a class A commercial license. If he has a CDL then there is no way to keep his driving priveleges. This is federal law not state law.

    He should get a lwayer and let them handle this. If your job is your license, he has no choice.

    What is in store...higher insurance, mandatory treatments, MADD assessmment program, and judges who are getting tired of repeat offenders.

    The hearing is very one sided if he does not have legal counsel present.

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