Ace Combat Zero HELP?

I have it for PS2, how do you change Ace styles. I want to play the other versions of the story mode, but cant. Thx.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Ace style chances on how you play the game. Do you notice on the radar there are three colors for enemy units? Red is for your main targets, green are for your regular targets, and yellow are pretty much non combatants that you dont have to take down. At the end of each stage you see a bar at the results screen that has Mercenary-Soldier-and Knight. How many yellow targets you destroy will move the bar. Dont destroy any yellow targets and the bar will move to the Knight Ace style. Destroy yellow targets will move it to the Mercenary Ace style. Try to keep it in the middle by destroying some yellow targets and leaving other to go to the Soldier Ace style. Good luck and have fun.

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