Should the Black Community be to blame for the Imus comment since the term hoes was popularized Rap music?

The term "hoes" was popularized by the black community in Rap and Hip Hop. I've even heard the term Nappy Headed used by the Nappy Roots in hip hop. My question is why is it okay for the black community to use these words but when a white person repeats them it's soooooooo wrong? If words are going to be used in popular culture and the repeated by whites are we really to be blamed? Also, I cant name the number of times I have watched BET comedy and whites have been made fun of. I just tired of Al sharpton and Jesse Jackson targeting whites and making them look like the bad guys when it goes both ways!


Where do you draw the line on who to blame then? I hear all the words used by blacks yet I cant say it myself?

Update 2:

not that I want to say's just the general principal!

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    not the black community but the hip hop community. and dont think that every black likes rap and can relate to hip hop. stop generalizing. just like i cannot assume that your listen to nothiing but country music

  • Nancy
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    I find this interesting. There are so many words in the English language that was popularized by other sources. Yet, we use our common sense and refrain from using those words. There are vulgarities and profanity, but people do not use them becauce they know that is is no proper. So, why is itt that when someone in the rap industry says a word, then it is suppose to be deemed acceptable. In the rap industry some songs tell you to be kind to one another and respect the sista, but I do not see people fighting to do that. I wonder are people searching for any excuse to use racial epitaphs and slurs. So why is it soooooo important that people imitate the the negative things that is in society. Primarilty the use of a few rappers that may say someting deragatory. It seems that people are looking for a reason. I am very doubtful that Imus listens to rap music. Plus, who was he imitating when he insulted all the other people over the years. 20 years of insults of racism and sexism. Only within the last ten years have rap sunk to this low. I am curious why SOME white people think that they must always blame the entire black community for a few. I do not think that all whites are racist because of the few that are. The sad thing that you may not realize is that each black person has to be the entire race. If one does something then the entire community must be that way. I think that is sad to say the very least.

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    Imus did not only offend the black community. He offended women also by using a sexist term. One could say that women popularize the word "ho" amongst themselves when talking about another female. Should the female community be blamed also? What Imus said was completely out of taste and in bad judgment. From what I've read, he's been known for making derogatory statements to other groups, not just blacks. I personally don't agree with black people using the N word amongst themselves as a "term of endearment" nor do I agree with some of this "commercial" rap which merely uses degrading language. I don't condone it neither do I encourage it. If some people choose to do that, I'm not going to participate along.

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    if you gonna say imus said what he said because of hip hop.

    bob will remember that and when bob murders somebody "it was the tv's fault because there was killing on it"

    stop trying to put the blame on someone else, imus said it, IMUS is to blame not hip hop, not bob, not nobody else. This generations problem is they want to put the blame on everybody else and never take some of the blame even if it was their partially their fault.

    also answering yourquestion about why can blacks say stuff but then whites cant. Whites burried their own grave, they did all that slavery and racisim **** to blacks back in the day and slavery and the crap done to them in the past is their main excuse for doing ****. And by the way when black people make remarks about women and **** like that, the media turns on them look at pac they ******* crusified him.

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    First off, the term "hoe" was around way before rap music began. Remember 70's blaxploitation films. The term nappy headed was around way before Nappy Roots. To answer your question, you can thank your ancestors who were responsible for a segment in American history called slavery. As far as I am concerned, you had your fun then, it's our turn to be funny. I will say it again. Walk a mile in someone else's shoes to understand where they come from.

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    So let me get this saying the word "HOE" was popularized by the black community........get real, and get over yourself.

    Question---white people coined the term white trash (just to mention one) so I'm guessing its OK for me to call poor white people that since you guys "popularized it" let me get my list of all the derogatory word white "Popularized" and when I use them I will use your argument as a valid reason for calling white people names.

    I believe "HOE" is one of your creations too.

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    He wasn't just calling black women ho, he was really generalizing all women

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    whatever bob . . .

    Nope, there is a thing called personal responsibility.

    Oh and, Accountability.

    You do it, its your doing.

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