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Cat going #2 outside of litter box?

We have 2 cats, both female, one is 3 and the other is 2. We have had them both together for almost 2 years. One of the cats has recently (for the past 6 months or so) started going #2 right outside of the litterbox. She pees inside of the box and the other one always uses the box. My husband and I have tried everything we can think of and we cant figure out why she is doing this. We keep the box clean, scoop it every day. We have the biggest box we could find, it is a round box with dome shape lid. Any suggesstions on why she does this and what we can do to make her stop? Why only recently?


Just to clarify, the cat pees in the litter box, only goes #2 outside of it.

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    Clearly this is an Inappropriate Elimination situation.

    Some suggestions:

    The Round Booda Dome litterbox that I believe you are referring to is very small. My cats can’t even fit in it. You need a much bigger litter Box. Actually you need two more!

    Offer more than one box in different areas. You have 2 cats, you should have 3 boxes. One per cat plus one. I know a lot of people don’t like to have a lot of boxes… but sometimes that IS the problem. She’s a cat. She is picky. She may not want to poop in a diry box with the other cat. Which leads us to…

    Keep the box super clean! If you are only going to have one box… it’s needs cleaned at minimum 4 times a day.

    ***** I believe if you take care of adding more and bigger litterboxes you will solve the problem.

    Offer different "types" of litter pans and see if there is a preference to one. Buy cheap large roasting pans to test them in. Some cats hate certain litters or will flip their preference on a dime.

    Check stools and make sure that they are not so dry as to hurt while having a movement. If they are... add a good healthy Organic wet canned food to the diet daily to soften the stools. Encourage water consumption with a water fountain filled with distilled water.

    Check and make sure that she is peeing ok for sure. Make sure she’s making a full pee and not just a dribble. She could be straining to pee, and if it hurts... she would associate that pain with the litter box and then jump out to poo. If this is the case... she needs a vet asap! She could have a UTI!

    Other Factors Contributing to Inappropriate Elimination

    • Medical Conditions: Cats avoiding the litter pan should be examined by a veterinarian to rule out a medical condition. Laboratory tests will need to be performed in most cases, however, if a condition does exist, immediate treatment will help resolve the behavioral problem. Possible medical conditions include: colitis, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), diabetes mellitus, hyperthyroidism, kidney or liver disease, or feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD). Medical conditions such as arthritis, FLUTD, anal sac disease, and some forms of colitis, which cause pain urinating or defecating may also result in inappropriate elimination

    • Stress: Cats of all ages experience stress at some point in their lives (just like us). Stress can be a major cause of inappropriate elimination, and known stressors such as moving, changes in routine, or changes within the family structure (new members added or family members leaving home) can result in inappropriate elimination. Reducing these stressors or decreasing their impact on the household will benefit your cat and you, too.

    • Box Location & Contents: Some cats may not like where their box is located; too close to their food or water, in a high traffic area, or on a different level of the house than where they spend most of their time. Some cats are very particular and will not defecate in the same box in which they urinate or go into a box which has been used by another cat. Most cats do not like a dirty litter box. Clean out waste from their litter boxes at least once daily, and wash the litter boxes weekly so that they don't decide to eliminate elsewhere in your home.

    Good Luck!

    ****************EDITED TO ADD*******************

    I understand you are saying she is only pooping outside the box. Sometimes pooing outside the box means there is a urine issue though. Like a UTI, or once she pees in the box she deems it to dirty to use again because it's so small and she shares it with another cat so she poos on the nice clean floor.

    Add atleast one more normal sized or super sized litter box and see if she stops.

    Trust me... I live with 14 cats. I know all ablout litter boxes and snotty little cats getting fussy with things.

    We can't even use normal sized litter boxes because we have huge mutant cats. LOL! We buy Clear Sterilite Storage boxes and cut a hole out for them to enter and exit. Any other *legit* litter box is just far to small for our cats.

    And as you can imagine we have a lot of litterboxes.

    We have no inappropriate eliminaton situations in our home... and the one time we did... I purchased the bigger boxes so our cats could fit in them and not have thier behind hanging out the box.

    Get two more bigger boxes and you have a good chance of stopping this behavior.

    Source(s): ~ Feline Wellness Advocate ~ >^..^<
  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Use unscented litter. That usually does the trick. Tidy cat Has a new brand out that says new tidy lock , on the front left as you are looking at it. It don't have that strong scent, otherwise use some unscented arm and hammer. If that don't work, then there is a medical problem with kitty. Kitty is associating pain with the litter bbox when kitty goes. It is time to see the vet. One important thing, never punish the cat near the cat box or about the litter box, it will assume the litter box is a bad thing and will go other places in the home, so let kitty know that the litter box is a very good thing. This also could be because it is kinda new to your home. Good Luck to all.

  • RCJ
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    It could be a number of things. We have one cat (12 years old) and she has done this for a while. Not all the time though - it is not a consistent thing. We try to empty her box once a day. We took it off the carpet and put it on tile. We have moved and when we did the first day she did (as my four year old calls it) a stinky in every room with carpet. We keep the extra doors closed all the time to all the bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. We make sure our son does not chase her, even if he thinks it is playing.

    The Vet said to get another box so she can start with a fresh new smell, keep it clean, try to log when she does it, etc. Good Luck. I know it is a pain, because I have been there. But the more we worked at it, the less she did it. And Spot Shot gets it out. Carbona Pet with a sponge is a good carpet cleaner also.

  • Anonymous
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    Has anything changed? Furniture, family, food, your work hours, is the cat acting different lately? You should also check for bladder infection or diabetes. But otherwise there are few options. Try to move the litterbox to the side where she peed (hardly ever works), then there is a pheromone which keep cats marking furniture or peeing somewhere, it's a spray called feliway, you can try to put this on the place where she pees. Another option would be Bach flowers, which is said to help with mental problems in cats, you can look those up in the internet.

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    Cats are difficult to figure out. It could be a number of things. Stress can cause it but so could some type of bladder infection could be the problem as well as someone else already said. Any major changes? Moved? Someone new in the home or just a situation that could cause the cat to be stressed? Try 2 litterboxes and see if that helps. Good Luck!!

  • Anonymous
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    Cats are super fussy - try getting each cat their own litter tray, rather than the one tray for both of them - they are very clean animals and so you should clean out the tray every day - don't just scoop it, empty it, wash it, dry it and refill it. Maybe you don't have enough litter in it, or try a different brand? Get a big box - try a rectangle shape, rather than round. Maybe she is stressed out? They are tricky little devils! My cat basically only poops and wees outside these days, she holds on all night til the morning, she hates using the litter box, no matter how clean I keep it!

  • Anonymous
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    Listen to Kat. It could be a number of things. I had a cat that was jealous of my new baby, and would go #1 on everything my baby owned every chance she got. My husband had a cat that would go #2 on everything he owned because his brother moved back in with them. I had to give my cat to a family with no children. My husband got rid of his brother by moving away, and no more problem with his cat after that. Sometimes it's a physical problem, and sometimes emotional, or a combination of the two. Be sure you soul search yourself for anything that changed and try to think of when it first started. That will be your best clue as to what it may be. Try to get things as back to normal as possible, if that's what it may be. If that doesn't work, or even if it does, have your vet help you and check your cat out for any diseases with routine blood tests. And get more than one litter box! Some cats don't like using the same one for certain things. And keep them clean! I clean mine every time my cat uses it. They get highly offended by certain odors very quickly. It's like leaving your baby in the same diaper all day to them. If you aren't able to be home all day, get a self cleaning litter box. Expensive, but gets the job done, and clean it every time you get home.

  • Debi
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    Don't know if this will help but with 2 cats you really ought to have at least 2 trays - preferably 3.

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    Can't answer your question, but mine has started the same thing. He will use the washing basket. Urinates on the bathroom mats, clothes you name it. If it's on the floor he will piss on it. He has only started doing it in the last 6 months.? Sometimes on my brand new bed!!!. Someone please shed some light.

    P.S The other cat deosn't do it.

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