Can an area with the same coverage rate as 1m2 be referred to as a square metre even if it's not 1mx1m?

Went to buy some lawn at weekend and had a disagreement with my husband, when we asked the bloke in the shop how big the peices of turf were he said 1metre square, but they weren't square! I get that it would have had the same coverage rate as 1m x 1m but can it officially be called a square metre if it doesn't measure 1m x 1m?

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    Absolutely - 10m by 1cm is a square metre just as 1m by 1m is a square metre. And the sides don't even have to be straight. Any shape can occupy an area of 1m^2 - a square metre doesn't have to enclose a square to be 'official'.

    I've never been aware of a distinction between "1 metre squared" and "1 square metre"

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    The CONVENTION used in Maths is 1 meter multiplied by 1 meter is 1 'meter squared'

    Area is quoted in units {name} squared

    1 meter square could consist of any shape so long as the Length x breadth = 10000 cm sq {1 m sq}

    eg 50 cm x 20 cm

    OR 25 cm x 40 cm each yield an area of 1 meter square...

    Hope this helps

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    1meter square should be 1m x 1m = it is stating clearly the shape

    1 Square Meter is different - it can be 1/2 x 2m or anything else that makes one, it is simply a measure of area not a definition of shape

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    Yes. 2m long by 0.5m wide = 1 square metre

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    did u noticed when you buy property (land), the seller also tells you it's opening, meaning the length of the piece of land which is neighboring the street.

    for example if they sell you 400 m2, that does not mean necessarily that it is 20X20 m, it can be 10X40, or other.

    therefore I believe it is normal, when you buy turf to ask also the exact dimensions, not only the area.

    otherwise, as you already found out, you can get surprised.

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    It is correct that it is one square metre though it is not a square. It is a measure of area, it could apply to any shape - circle, square, triangular, irregular.

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    Yeah, generally sq. mt. means the area of the surface. If the surface is square then it must have same l x b but othetrwise it is not necessary that the surface you are talking about must have same l x b.

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    Absolutely - as long as the length multiplied by breadth equals 1 meter sqaured...

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    its not am meter squared but its the same ares so it would still cost as much

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