If 1 of these 2 things had to leave the world 4ever,which 1 would u keep?


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    I would keep casinos, I'm not addicted to those, they aren't killing me.

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    I would definitely keep cigarettes.There is alot of smokers out there who cant function without nicotine.There are also professionals such as lawyers and doctors who needs cigarettes to work effectively.Imagine if these people were to be denied of cigarettes,I am sure the world wouldn't be a nice place to live in as there will be alot of depressed people.Besides cigarettes generate the economy more then casinos do as there are more smokers then gamblers.Not all countries has casinos but there is no such country in this world where the population do not smoke at all.

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    Keep the casino's, There's a lot more to do there than smoking your life away

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    But I like to sit on my fat a$s in front of a poker machine all day and smoke like a chimney....


    P.S. Keep the casinos instead of cigarettes.

  • Casinos. Cigarettes are deadly.

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    I cud def live without casinos, but ciggerettes kill people

    but i like them :(


    cigerettes.... even if they kill you.

    hang on, but we still have drugs?

    oh then they can both go for all i care

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    hate second hand smoke from people who don't care about their own lives, let alone anyone else.....nobody HAS TO GO to a casino....and non-smokers should not be forced to live in isolation, even in their own homes, just so they can breathe!!!

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    Casino's. I don't smoke and I've never seen anyone strike it rich with a cigarette!

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