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    Once upon a time, there's a king who loves dressing up himself very much, he always wants to wear new clothes, but none of the designer in the city succeeded in satisfying the king. One day, there came a foreign merchant telling the king that he has brought a piece of fabulous clothing, only the intelligent could see it. Although the king could see nothing, he doesn't want to admit not being clever, so he followed the merchant's instructions to wear this clothing. The king even wear this clothing in a parade, and teased by the citizens.

    Lesson from the story

    The story conveys the message that people shouldn't refuse to admit one's mistakes due to reputation If we insists on refusing to admit our wrong-doings and self-reflection, we will be the final victims ourselves.

    On the other hand, the story also teaches us to be an honest person instead of a hypocritical person.

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    Long long time ago,there was a King who like to array.He always wore new clothes, but the designers who were in the city can't satisfie him. One day, a businessman who came from other places told the King that he brought a very strange cloth to him.It is only clever people can see it. Althought the King couldn'tsee anything, but he didn't want to admit he was not clever, so he followedthe businessman's instructions to wear the cloth. He even wore this cloth to have a royal progress later and be the joke of the city.


    This story is to teach people don't because of the face and don't apologize. If keep up don't apologize,don't introspection, people who victim will be yourselve.

    At the other side, this story also teaches people should be honest and do not be hypocritical.

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