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    先生不知何許人也 亦不詳其姓字 宅邊有五柳樹 因以為號焉

    I don't know who the hill is that guy. He does not have a name. We call him Mr. 5 Willow. Because of there are five willows beside his home.

    閑靜少言 不慕榮利 好讀書 不求甚解 每有會意 便欣然忘食

    He is a boring person. He is not good at business. He like to study, but have no clue how to read. Whenever he learn something, he will be too happy to fall asleep.

    性嗜酒 家貧不能常得 親舊知其如此 或置酒而招之

    He like wine, but he is too poor to affort it. All of his relatives and friends are very generous to invite him for a drink.

    造飲輒盡 期在必醉 既醉而退 曾不吝情去留

    When he go for the party, he always finish all of the wine on the floor. He always got drunk before he left. He even does not spent time to talk at all.

    環堵蕭然 不蔽風日 短褐穿結 簞瓢屢空

    If you look at his life, his house is totally empty. His house does not even performed as a shed. His clothes are full of holes and short. His food container is usually empty.

    晏如也 常著文章自娛 頗示己志 忘懷得失 以此自終

    He feels just fine about it. He like to write paragraph and enjoy it. He write documents to demostrate his concept, so he won't bother with other thing. He is going to do this until he died.

    贊曰 黔婁之妻有言 不戚戚於貧賤 不汲汲於富貴

    Old saying cried " Don't be sad with the poorness, Don't running after the richness" Mrs. Chien's said

    極其言 茲若人之儔乎?

    That is talking about this kind of person.

    酣觴賦詩 以樂其志 無懷氏之民歟! 葛天氏之民歟!

    Drink wine and make poem to enjoy himself.Is he a Amish people, Is he a Homeless people, or what!


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    不過要押韻實在是太難了... 就...將就一下吧~

    先生不知何許人也 亦不詳其姓字 宅邊有五柳樹 因以為號焉

    No one knew his time; no one knew his name.

    For the five willows by the house, thus his agnomen.

    閑靜少言 不慕榮利 好讀書 不求甚解 每有會意 便欣然忘食

    Gentle and mild was he, rare and humble his words.

    Loved not the wealth nor fame, only readings without apprehends.

    A sudden perceivedness sprouted joy beyond comprehend.

    性嗜酒 家貧不能常得 親舊知其如此 或置酒而招之

    Liquor was his passion, though seldom due to poverty.

    Old fellows, who knew him, lured him with a party.

    造飲輒盡 期在必醉 既醉而退 曾不吝情去留

    He came; he drank.

    He was drunk; he was gone.

    Never hesitate.

    環堵蕭然 不蔽風日 短褐穿結 簞瓢屢空 晏如也

    A house with but walls; barely shielded sun or wind.

    Shabby and scrungy, often he sat with empty plate.

    Nonetheless, peaceful he is.

    常著文章自娛 頗示己志 忘懷得失 以此自終

    Wrote to entertain but himself, revealing his ideal.

    Cares not about gain or loss, till the end of his life.

    贊曰 黔婁之妻有言 不戚戚於貧賤 不汲汲於富貴 極其言 茲若人之儔乎?

    Praised by many, as Chinliou's wife said, `not dismayed by poverty nor hastened by richness.`

    酣觴賦詩 以樂其志 無懷氏之民歟! 葛天氏之民歟!

    Drink to his heart's content, compose poems to show his joy.

    As the ancient people of WuHwai.

    As the ancient people of GoTien.

    Source(s): 字典辭典同義字典都很有用啦~
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