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How might the Holocaust affect your world view?

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    The Holocaust is a lesson in human nature, both good and bad.

    It shows me the depths of evil a human can reach. It shows me that the masses, even normal people, can reach these levels. The fact that the guards at the camps could actually do their jobs and go home to their families is astounding to me. Of course, they tried to pick "suitable" guard material.

    It shows me the strength of the survivors. It shows me how the human psyche can perservere and recover. In this it gives me hope.

    It shows me how the human psyche needs to protect itself as the Holocaust deniers flock. They cannot handle the scope of what occurred and need to deny.

    It is a lesson in allowing total dictatorship and a lesson in hiding your head in the sand and saying "it does not affect me, it is not real!"

    Most of the German populace did not know about the Camps despite some rather obvious signs. Most of the German populace would have been as appalled as we are.

    It is a lesson in mob mentality and a lesson in how a person (in this case 11 million of them) can be reduced in another person's mind to subhuman and their suffering not only ignored, but enjoyed.

    It is a lesson that, if forgotten, is doomed to be repeated. And... genocide occurs today, as we speak.

    People who use the Holocaust to hate Germans are being irrational. People who use the Holocaust to hate Germany are also being stupid. It was the Nazi party, not modern Germany.

    The Holocaust must not be forgotten.

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    The Nazis incredibly focused Jews, gypsies, cripples, retards, homosexuals, and Russians. insanity is a luxurious. It does not take place throughout the time of cases of extreme very own disaster. no person snoozes throughout the time of a rollercoaster experience. Jews: An intelligence bell curve already shifted 2/3 sigma upward by ability of overwhelming and deadly historic eu anti-Semitism had its backside ninety% lopped off at a whack. The Nazis created a grasp Race that greater often than not emigrated to the hot international the place assimilation destroyed it interior of two generations. Gypsies: reproduced around the inconveneince. while high quality isn't a chosen trait numbers continuously win. Cripples and retards: interior of sight Europeans now have an anomalously low value of congenital the two. Homosexuals: inadequate Nazi organisation, partly because of the fact homosexuality become rife as a German political tool. Russians: see Gypsies.

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    What do you mean? There isn't anything to be affected. What do you expect me to think? OMG the Germans are all evil Nazis? OMG everyone in the world is evil?

    No, it's too far in the past for us to judge anything now.

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    um i'm not exactly sure what you askin um are we suposed to think all germans are evil? i dont...........

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