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can u plz give me some tamagotchi connection codes with abc?

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    I have Version 4, 3, and 2 codes. Here's V4:

    Love potion: CCBA AABB

    Pen: BBCA CCCA

    Steak: ACAB ACAC

    Clone: BAAB ACBA


    The CD3 code will actually give you a RARE CELL PHONE!!! You can enter #'s with it using ABC buttons. Heres the # for your parents if you want to call you parents heres the code: AABA BBCC. If you want to get the CD3 you can type the code again.

    PS you need to be an adult to use the Cell phone.

    You have to use the password Icon to get these codes:

    Slide: 52815 99088

    Playhouse: 40690 89391

    V3 codes:

    Love potion: BCBC CABA

    Steak: BCAB ACBC

    Cake: ABBA ACBA

    RC car 2: AABB CACB

    Hair gell: ACBB BACC

    Cookoo clock: CBAC CABC

    Costume: CACA BABC

    You have to use the password Icon for these:

    Clone: 32479 91490

    Pen: 90156 88694

    V2 codes:

    Cake: ABBA CBCC

    Steak: BACB CACB

    Love potion: BCBA CABA

    Costume: CBAA CABC

    Hair gel: ACBC ABAC

    Drum: ABCC ABAC

    Unfortunately I have no more codes... I hope I helped!

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