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Does anyone know if the Valuev-Chagaev fight is being broadcast on any channels in the US?

Even Pay-Per-View or On-Demand channels, anywhere.

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    No, the fight will NOT be televised anywhere in the United States, not even on PPV.

    www.boxen.com might possibly show the fight live, but I seriously doubt it. However, that site will probably post the video of the fight on it's website later, once the fight is completed. So if you want to see the Valuev-Chagaev fight, your best bet is to probably check in at www.boxen.com and look for the replay being broadcast later. The site is not in English however.

    There is boxing on PPV this Saturday - Manny Pacquiao vs Jorge Solis, and the PPV will NOT feature the HBO announcing team.

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    No it's not being broadcast on HBO or any other major network for that matter. It will be pay per view, but if you have ever seen Valuev fight I strongly suggest not buying this fight. He'll put you to sleep. As soon as he fights anyone worth while he will be knocked out!

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    Valuev vs who?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Probably HBO.

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