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What Kind of Security Are The Troops In Iraq Providing?

Personally I think it was a disaster to invade Iraq (at least in the manner that we did) being that Al-Qaeda linked paramilitary groups opposed to Saddam's regime were operating in Northern Iraq. Bush should have taken this into consideration.

Anyway, Saddam has been removed and our troops are embedded in Iraq. Without a doubt it is not a stable and safe place. I hear a lot of people claim that the troops are not making it any safer and things will continue as they are if they remain.

Ragardless of whether we should have invaded or not I will agree that it is important that we examine the effect our troops are currently having on Iraq and the responsability the United States has for what happens in Iraq.

So I have to ask,

What improvements in security do we expect for the United States, Iraq and the Middle East if our troops just walk away?


Please read question.

Update 2:

I steer clear of the media for unskewed facts. I've got friends who have served or are serving in Iraq.

I honestly want to know what kind of security people expect to see for the U.S., Iraq and the Middle East if we just got up and left?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    "What improvements in security do we expect for the United States, Iraq and the Middle East if our troops just walk away? "

    Who can say? It might be that Iraq settles down to a Shiite Theocracy along the lines of Iran with only a bare minimum of Sunis and Kurds purged, or it might be a protracted genocide. Or, the country could split along geographic as well as sectarian lines, with a Kurdish north that would tend to destabilize neighboring Kurdish areas of Iran and Turkey, and a pro-Iran Shiite south, perhaps Syria would step in to help out ethnic arab Sunis in the central region, perhaps not. Could lead to a new Iran-Iraq or Iran-Iraq-Syria war. Maybe Kuwait might be invaded again, or maybe the Russians might get involved. Or, the civil war could be less successful, and just go along like it is now, just constant violence and chaos for the foreseable future as the Shiite majority tries to wrest complete control over the country.

    The US of course, whatever happens to Iraq and the rest of the middle east, at least won't be spending money and lives on it. Might be spending even more money on oil, though. It might well be that there are elements of the 'insurgency' in Iraq who are there more to fight Americans than anything else. They might decide they need to take the fight elswhere, and if they did, being able to point to thier 'victory' over the US in Iraq could lend them additional support.

  • 5 years ago

    we pays attention in Sept from Gen Patraeus approximately how properly the surge has labored and his suggestions for next steps. the assumption of an allied Republic of Iraq interior the middle of the middle East is one we'd desire to consistently no longer supply up on too truly, as a results of fact this might help tip the balances of potential there that would bring about a settlement of the Arab-Israeli 50+ years of conflict, and be a deterrent against Iran which has been unofficially at war with the U. S. for very very nearly 30 years. international family and rationality look to no longer be suited to the opposing events interior the above disputes. and then there are Al Qaeda and their ilk. that's a lot extra powerful to work together them from bases in and around Iraq, then from and interior the U. S..

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Have you been to Iraq, how do you know, the media? How would the average American know? The truth about what really is going on in Iraq will never be reported by the biased media. Joseph Goebbels could hardly run a more effective "public enlightenment" campaign than what Americans are being spoon fed by the media...

    Source(s): Vet
  • 1 decade ago

    Half a million Iraqi civilians have died so I do not think the troop have done much good. Matter affect many a times when the troops have tried to get to the insurgents entire towns full of innocent families have been shot to death. During this process the troops have openly shot anyone or anything Iraqi from babies to old crippled people, woman and children alike! War supporters are calling it casualties of war! I am calling it mass murder by Bush Adm. We are so hated around the world!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well, since Bush invaded and bombed tens (hundreds?) of thousands of innocent Iraqis, I think the USA will have to watch its back for the next 1000 years! Thanks Bush!

    We had no enemies before Bush bombed these people. This marks the first time in history that an American leader has illegally invaded and occupied a sovereign nation under false pretenses.

    We are witnessing "democracy" being spread to Iraq, while at the same time instilling a soviet-style dictatorship here in our own borders. It makes me sick. If you cannot see that Bush has ruined this country, and any security we ever had, I feel sorry for you.

  • 1 decade ago

    Security? To who? It's so hilarious to see the huge mass of al-Sadr marching along Iraq's streets chanting and displaying their banners of hate, and the Iraqi Government and our Troops can do nothing! Are we handing money, arms, and sacrificing our soldiers' lives to Iraq to support the strengthening of the volume of Sadr followers who may come to kill us in future? Good grief!

    Oh yeah, all the progress that couldn't prevent 10 American soldiers from getting killed on Easter Sunday!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    They are providing security for John McCain so he can walk around the market in style. They are also providing security for the Green Zone-bound Iraqi government, as well as Halliburton/KBR VIPs.

    As for the average Iraqi, they can't possbily provide much in way of security, there's too much territory for too few troops.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You may find some of your answers in these links.....There is a lot of stuff going on, that the Media will not tell you...why?? because it is GOOD STUFF....

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    its to keep the unemployment numbers in check if the vets where home they would be out of work. Also you get to go to the va hospital where they really take care of you.

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