Changing the address in an IE shortcut?

I work for a company with over 1000 desktop PCs and a fairly sophisticated network infrastructure. Each computer that is built (All PCs run XP pro) has a shortcut to a web page on our local intranet. The shortcut is located in the All Users\Desktop profile. The problem is that this shortcut was created before the web page itself was completed. They have now gone live with this page, but the link is not correct, there is one word that needs to be changed.

Is there a way to copy the correct link from one computer and apply it to all computers in the company, via a batch file or similar? Or will I have to just do this individually for each computer. I'm pretty sure our corporate IT dept. can make sure each PC runs a script at the next startup to fix this, but I'm trying to avoid asking them.

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    Place the file in A Parent file Location on the server, then Have Each PC, Reference that Same Location

    If you have Roaming Profiles, this Should be a Breeze, but if you have Local Profiles, you might find this a Little More Challenging. Usually a Synchronise File/Folder from the Parent folder will overwrite on roaming

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    right-click | properties and change link ;)

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