why wasnt the saturn l-series hyped like the aura?

both the l-series and the aura are based on gm europe's opel vectra, but while people nowadays are raving about the aura being euro-sophisticated and refined, nobody raved like that about the l-series in 2000/2001.

were the european roots of the l-series really dilluted or what?

while im at it, what about ford guys nowadays whining about how the euro-ford mondeo is so great and we're being deprived in america cuase we merely get the fusion.

BUT, back in the 90s the ford contour WAS a rebadged mondeo...and nobody ever raved about it! was that car also dilluted from its german base mechanics as well?

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    because the L-series was not a great car....

    GM's European divisions were not always putting out great cars.... in a lot of ways, they were cheaper and not any better engineered than the typical small GM (like the Cavalier, etc.).

    And yes, the European roots were totally wiped out of the car... Just like the current Cadillac CTS is based upon a European model and just doesn't compare to the original...

    GM had a concept of taking a great car but making it more "mainstream" American - softening the suspension and cushing the car out... adding features and equipment that most Europeans don't want or can't afford... they offer middle power motors and tack on A/C and auto transmissions.... and then adding US Spec smog equipment and detuning the engine....

    The Mondeo is not a great car.... and the Fusion is even worse.... the 90s Contour and Mondeo were also not great cars to begin with... hence, no raves... again, same things - detuned and made to compete with the mainstream American cars....

  • mar m
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    I owned a 2000 Saturn L series. It was a piece of Opel crap. The engine was fine but the rest of the car sucked. I had to bend the dealer over to admit that the car was really an Opel and not a Saturn.

    Saturn should be put out of business.

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