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My name Zulaikha,what does it mean?

I want long answers,its arabian i know..I want long answers of what it means..thank you


Btw I was born and I live in Malaysia..south east asia.

A malay muslim..Islam is our national religion,

86% of the Malays here are muslim,

and like 5% Chinese muslims and like 9% Indian muslims..I dunno.

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    1 - She was wife of Yusof (زليخة).

    2 - But let me tell you something (cuz i am Iraqi/Arabian live now in Baghdad) this name not really Arabic but sure this name is Eastern name !!! this name also mention in the famous historical story (One thousand night and night) and you now these storys is written when Baghdad was the Capital of Whole world in science , knowledge, medicine Art, literature, poesy... (Abbasian period - who's the Abbasians ruled the Whole Arabic/Islamic states in Golden Age of Islam).

    this name is mention several times in these famous historical storys.

    3 - depend on this facts... i guess.. or i think this name Zulaikha (زليخة) comes after mixed the Arabian and Persian Civilizations.

    4 - you know .. these famous historical storys still refused from the Islamic men cuz many storyes talking about love.. sex.. makinglove between lovers without marriage.. and such athing.... and i read many storyes from this and i found this storys is amazing and make us dreaming ... its very poetical storys and full in poem...

    5 - But you did'nt mention your nationality ? and were you live !

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    Zulaikha Meaning

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    There is no definition to the name .. only the stories and poems of Yusuf ( Joseph) and Zulaikha.

    Joseph and Zuleika

    Jami, the last of the great classic poets of Persia, was born at Jam, near Herat, in 1414 and died in Herat in 1492. He essayed every form of literature and achieved success in each. From childhood he was welcomed everywhere as a marvel of brilliancy. He himself wrote that he never found a master who knew more than he. When we seek for the work which best represents this universal genius, we find it perhaps in his chief love-tale, which follows below. This mingles Nizami’s romantic touch with Jalal’s Sufism and the fire

    of Hafiz. It is Jami at his highest note.

    Zuleika, the daughter of Taimus, King of

    Mauretania, beheld in a dream a figure of such extraordinary beauty that she became immediately enamored of the glorious vision, and sank into a deep melancholy, fruitlessly longing for the unknown object. This dream was three times repeated, and the last time the beautiful apparition named Egypt as the land of his abode. He is indeed Joseph, or Yusuf, of the Old Testament, and Zuleika is to play the part of Potiphar’s wife.

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    Well it's an Arabic name &Zulaykha is not Yossuf's wife ,she's the woman who wanted to sleep with Youssuf :here's the Arabic translation of what I got

    زليخا او زليخة اسم يعيد الى الاذهان قصة يوسف - عليه السلام - وامرأة العزيز والزلخ: تقدم فى المشى واسراع فيه والزلخة: الزحلوقة يتدحرج منها الصبيان والاسم يوحى بالسمن والملاسة

    and that means "soft & quite fat " &it was the best characterestics of a woman by that era.

    Hope it helps.

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    For the best answers, search on this site

    Wow u got a nice name. My name is Beenish and it means Intelligent Star.

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    Zulaikha ( زليخة ) was wife of Yusof a.s.

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    Fair, beautiful.

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