Tell potential landlords I have a dog? (Service animal)?

As there is no federal (Or in my state) requirements for service animal certification, do I have to tell a potential landlord that I have the dog and risk being denied the rental for a different made up reason or just outright due to ignorance?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I believe service animals are considered by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Federal law, as an accommodation and therefore a landlord would not be able to deny you an apartment because of your dog.

    You will be required to advise the landlord that you are blind and you have a service animal. Then, if you are denied, you have a case to pursue.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Youo should be honest with your landlord. Hiding the fact that you own a dog will completely screw you if the guy decides to take you to court or kick you out.

    Telling him you have one now and going from there is the best choice.

  • Erika
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    4 years ago

    i'm not accustomed to the provider canine regulations in Canada yet in the U. S. provider canines at the instant are not required to be qualified they only would desire to perform as a provider canine. actually they might desire to be owned via somebody that has a incapacity under the ADA and preform purposes that help the owner with the incapacity. If the incapacity is a psychological one then you definately usually would desire to have written statements out of your treating wellness care provider which you will possibly earnings on having a psychiatric provider canine. The companies that declare to certify your canine as a provider canine are a rip-off till they are fairly take the canine to coach it. To me that;s what this lady sounds like in line with what you assert. i might advise checking the regulations in Canada and notice what's needed for a canine to be considered a provider canine. notwithstanding in line with what you're describing along with your canine he does not be an proper provider canine to have in public, not inevitably because of bite possibility yet because of the fact he may well be disruptive (ie you're describing barking which isn't proper and would case others to be frightened of him) in the U. S. in that undertaking you are able to legally be ask to go away a company and not convey the canine returned and it is not considered a contravention of straightforward get right of entry to regulations. i might wager the regulations in this undertaking may well be comparable in Canada. Edit: examine the regulations in Canada. Is certification actually required? If not then there i no would desire to considered the vest returned because of the fact her certification us not worth something and a vest may well be bought everywhere as can the patches. If certification isn't required tell her you will return the vest whilst she returns you cash and if she does not you will report quotes for fraud. If certification is needed as she has revoked your certification you are able to desire to return the vest

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