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Anonymous asked in SportsFantasy Sports · 1 decade ago

Fantasy Basketball // someone who really knows basketball! PLEASE!!?

A league of 8 people.


steve nash

kevin martin

josh smith

baron davis

andre iguodala

Dirk Nowitski

Jermaine O'neal

kevin garnett

marcus camby

yao ming

chancey billups

deron williams

pau gasol

paul pierce

al jefferson


leandro barbosa

lebron james

tracey mcgrady

ricky davis

jason richardson

carmelo anthony

carlos boozer

rasheed wallace

eddy curry

stephen jackson

shaq oneal

chris paul

vince carter

ron artest

gilbert arenas - out for season


anthony parker

luther head

charlie bell

jr smith

larry hughes

rajon rondo

1) Will will Paul Pierce come back from injury? [it says indeffinatly]

2) When will Al Jefferson come back from injury?

3) Should I pick up anyone in the free agents?

4) Out of all honesty, who do you think will win [ this will not effect whos answer i select for best answer]?



1) When will***

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  • 1 decade ago
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    1/2)paul peirce will at least be out for the rest of the fantasy playoffs as well as al jefferson

    3)looking at your team you have deron williams, steve nash,billups, and baron davis right there tells me that you will easily dominate in assists and free throw percentage.your big men nowitski,kg,Oneal,pau gasol,yao,and marcus camby you will have at least 325 rebounds so thats another catagory won what you need to worry about is 3pt made and steals. his team has lebron barbosa t-mac vince carter stephen jackson all take alot of 3s your lucky arenas is out for the my opinion i would get either jr smith or larry hughes they both shoot the 3 well and will get you steals. if it were up to me i would go with smith, i think thats the smart move.

    my prediction to this game-you will win this one easily.something like 7-2

  • 1 decade ago

    for answers 1 and 2.. it's tough to say when they will come back since boston's season was over a long time ago.. they were suspected of tanking the season in order to get a better draft pick.. so why bring pierce back? (i also have al jefferson on my team)

    3) don't pick anyone up.. those free agents are mediocre compared to who you have now.. plus they are all guards.. if anything.. get a PF or C to replace al jefferson

    4) it's hard to tell who will win.. both teams are stacked (since it's an 8 teamer league).. but i'll go with your team (since he has gilbert hurt, chris paul is playing injured at the moment, and shaq did not play yesterday

    Source(s): my brain.. currently first in my league (12 teamer)
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